Tuesday, January 5

Yes I Go to CVS A Lot

It's by my house (less than a 4 minute walk), so I usually try to do a deal at least a couple times a week. This week with all of the doubles deals I've already been there 3 times. Amazingly they are still very nice and very accommodating, so accommodating in fact, that I used the "wrong" cvs card today and the cashier at self checkout pushed through all of the wrong ecbs. I have two cvs cards, one is my mother's that I use to buy deals for her since she doesn't have a cvs and one is mine.

I mistakenly used her card when I was suppose to use mine and then I couldn't figure out why my oust ECBs didn't print. They didn't print because I had already reached my limit (yesterday) when I bought 4 on my own card. Strangely, this is how I found out the limit on the oust is actually 6 not 4 as I previously thought. Unfortunately that means that I bought 8 and only got ECBs for 6. I'm going to try and return them tomorrow, since I was only buying them for the ECBs and don't really need 8 cans of air sanitizer.

A neat little deal for everyone that got the $3.00 off glade fragrance collection cvs printout...use the 3.00 register coupon plus the $2.00 coupon from various magazines to get $1.71 of free money to use towards another item (when you buy the 2oz soy candle at $3.29. I used the $1.71 plus .68 left on and ECB (after all of my purchases) to get a full size bag of tostitos corn chips (not shown in photo) for only $0.61!

Total=$2.46 For $64.56 worth of Product

Plus $13.00 ECBs to use next time (should have been $19.00 if I had used the right card).

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