Sunday, January 3

CVS Steals 1/3- Loreal 75% off!

Today I stopped by CVS to pick up a paper and low and behold... select Loreal products on clearance 75% off!!

I bought:

2 eye shadows on sale for $1.25 (regular price 4.99 each)=$9.98
1 mascara on sale for $1.87 (regular price $7.49)=$7.49
1 Newspaper (for the inserts) $2.00

Minus 3 ($1.00 off 1 Loreal product 1/3SS) coupons
Minus $3.00 ECBS

Total Paid=$0.68!
For $19.10 worth of product! Plus a lot of money saving coupons for the future.

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