Friday, April 30

Mega Mailbox Friday

Here's a peak at some of the goodies that my mailman brought this week...

From the P&G Brand sampler:
2 Cascade dishwasher tabs
1 Can of Iams cat food (and 4 Iams pet food coupons)
Sample of prilosec
Metamucil sample of the new pink lemonade flavor
Panteen shampoo and conditioner travel size bottles
1 booklet of Target coupons (my target just got a new food section and I'm so excited)
Not shown are my Rite aid Rebate check $65.00!
an Organix rebate check $6.99
Two No beer purchase required (NBPR) rebates-Look for these on e-bay they are a great way to get money back on groceries you buy regularly.
and a packages of lemonheads candy

Did you get anything good in the mail this week?

Monday, April 26

Rite Aid $6.58 Money Maker!

I love my local Rite Aids (well two of them at least). I have to admit when I first started couponing it was a struggle with the locations closest to me. But now that we have a better working relationship and they have a copy of the coupon policy, I almost never have problems using coupons anymore.

Here's what I got last trip:

1 bag of sunchips $2.79
1 burt's bees chapstick $2.99
2 listerine mouthwashes (hoping E likes these, I wanted to get the regular wash but they weren't included in the sale and rang up regular price) $6.00
1 Dove conditioner $3.00
1 Dove hair spray $3.00
1 Aveeno lotion (the other two were separate transactions but I'm including their prices here) $3.69, $3.69, $3.49 (not sure why stores less than a mile apart have a $0.20 price difference, but this happens a lot)
1 bag of cadbury mini eggs on clearance for $0.39
1 Vitamin water $1.25

1, $5.00 off $20 VV
1, Free vitamin water
1, Free sunchips
1, $2.50 off 2 dove products
2, $1.00 off smart rinse
3, $2.00 off RA in ad aveeno
3, $1.00 off aveeno printable
1, $2.00 off RA wellness cosmetic
1, $1.00 off RA wellness seasonal product (mini eggs)

Total of three transactions:
$4.42 ($0.67 was tax)

$3.00 Listerine, $3.00 dove, $5.00 aveeno for a $6.58 MoneyMaker! Even the young male cashier was impressed, and and usually takes a lot of savings for young male cashiers to take notice!

CVS= Free food and Sunblock

Today I headed over to CVS to snag some of the sunscreen that's on sale. I was a little worried since it was an unadvertised deal (so I thought). But when I arrived my cvs actually had a tag on the shelf clearing stating that the 2oz size that retails for $2.19 IS included in the buy 2, get $5ECB!

Here's what I bought:
2 boxes of wheat thins $1.00 each
2 boxes of fig newtons yum! $1.00 each (just noticed both are 8oz boxes and one is bigger then the other one, weird)
1 Schick Hydro 5 $8.97
2 2oz bottles of cvs 30spf sunblock $2.19 each
2 Oral B advantage toothbrushes $2.99 each

2, $1.00 off wheat thins (facebook cpn)
2, $1.00 off fig newtons (facebook cpn)
1, BOGO oral B (2.99)
1, $2.00 off oral b advantage


paid with 11.00 in ECB making my total just $1.69($1.35 was tax, boo!) Got back $13.00 ECBS for next time

Saturday, April 24

Saturday Savings

Here's a peak at how I spent my afternoon.

2 Merona Bags on clerance for $5.00 a piece
2 pairs of St. Paddy's day themed boxers $3.50 a piece
Minus 2, $5.00 off Merona Men's apparel coupons and 2, $5.00 off Merona handbag coupons
= $1.00 for EVERYTHING! score!

Rite Aid

2 Everlast vitamins $19.99 bogo
1 Dove soap 4pk $4.99
1 Burt's Bees lip balm (I'm addicted to these) $2.99
1 Kotex tampons $3.49
Minus 1, bogo everlast printable pdf, 1, $1.00 off kotex, 1, $2.00 off cosmetics RA wellness, 1, $2.00 off vitamins RA wellness
= 1.54 OOP and will get back $3.49 SCR on the kotex for a $1.95 Money Maker!

Trip to the mall

Aeropostale Earrings 3pk $10.50 minus $10.00 off any purchase printable=$0.54. The young male cashier looked at the earrings, rang them in and then said, "yeah right on" as he scanned the coupon. I just smiled, and thought to myself, man when did I get so old?, I swear I was the only non-teen in the store.

After Aeropostale we headed to Godiva to snag a free piece of chocolate, gotta love that chocolate club! Probably my favorite key chain scan card.

Thursday, April 22

Free Eggs and Butter at Stop and Shop!

Do you have a Stop & Shop nearby? If so you'll want to go here to register your card, or apply for a new card. When you register your Stop & Shop card, you will get FREE eggs and milk loaded to your card.

According to the site, no coupon is necessary and when you scan your card the items' (1 dozen brown or white stop&shop eggs and 1 pound of stop&shop butter) prices will automatically be deducted from your order. Can't beat free eggs and butter!

Tuesday, April 20

Reasons I love A and P

1: see above
2: see above
3: see above

I've been eating this delicious cheesecake with fresh fruit a huge piece at a time every morning and evening since I bought it Sunday. My waistline doesn't thank A&P's wonderful half price markdowns on Sundays, but my wallet and taste buds sure do :)

Monday, April 19

Free and Less Than $1.00 Finds

Did a little shopping this weekend and here's what I came up with...

Free at Target:

$1.00 or Less at Walmart (most of these gave me overage) My total for everything (some things not shown in this photo) was less than $2.00!

I was pleased to find Bic Soleil 4pk cartridges for just $3.00-used the $2.00 cpn
Kiss nail stickers for $1.87- used the $2.00 printable
Wheatables for $2.00ish?- used the $1.50 printable
Scotch sponges $.87- used the $1.00 printable pdf
Bic travel size for less than $1.00- used the $3.00 printable for $2.00 in overage!
Tucks for $2.87- used the $3.00 printable
Benadryl sticks for $2.28- used the $5.00 on 2 cpn
Carefree liners $1.00- used the $1.00, not sure where I got the cpn

Saturday, April 17

Pet Smart Savings!

The regular Petsmart we go to didn't have the milkbone chews, so we tried another one nearby and sure enough...

6 bags of chews at $1.99 minus 11.00 in coupons (I only had 5, $2.00 coupons and 1, $1.00 coupon). Pet smart does give overage, at least the ones by me do, so I ended up paying just $1.78 ($0.84 of which was tax) for 6 large bags of chews! They regularly retail for $5.99!

My "regular" store had Pro Plan trial size pouches of food for just $0.99 so I picked up two pouches to add to my pet food donation pile and used 2, $3.00 coupons to score 3 cans of Organix canned food our our poochie pooh (regularly $2.49 a can) and the two pouches of dry food for just $0.90! I swear our pets eat better than we do, but they are worth it.

Wednesday, April 14

Rite Aid Run

Have you made it to Rite Aid yet? Here are my purchases for this week:

My Purchases:

1 Cottonelle TP $6.49
1 Puffs tissue $0.99
1 Complete Contact $7.99
1 Crest 3D white $2.99
1 Renu travel size $1.99

1, 5.00 off 20 RA VV
1, 1.00 off Cottonelle from All You April
1, 1.00 off Puffs from vocal point
1, 1.00 off crest 3D white from walmart sample
1, 2.00 off renu printable

$9.45 OOP, Will receive $9.99 back in SCR (Moneymaker of $0.54 cents!)

His purchases: (E shops with me then we submit for my mom)
2 Secret deodorant $5.00
1 Complete contact $7.99
3 Renu travel size at $1.99 each
1 Crest 3D white $2.99


1, 5.00 off 20 RA VV
3, 2.00 off Renu printables
1, 1.00 off 2 secret
1, 1.00 off crest premium 4.0 or larger

$9.05 OOP, Will receive $11.99 back in SCR (Moneymaker of $2.94!)

Saturday, April 10

RUN, DO NOT WALK, to Babies R Us!!

Update--I went back to Babies R Us to pick up some more BabyGanics. Please note that the manager does need to enter his/her "code" to make the transaction work. For some reason the registers let the cashier take off the dishwasher detergent, but would not let her take off the full price of the laundry detergent without the managers code (I'm wondering if there's a price limit for the cashier to safe guard the company, so the cashiers don't have the ability to put through high value coupons without a manager's approval? (the kit's were $19.99, and laundry detergent $14.99).

The manager (different one then last time) did question me and I did have to "prove my case" about why I should be allowed to use the coupon with the sale, but once I explained it (and told him that the dishwasher soap when through without any problem) he agreed and had the asst. manager enter her code. If you have the coupons, I'd say it's worth a try, the worst thing that can happen is they say no. I'd give corporate a call if your manager isn't agreeable.

Believe me you will be glad you did. First step, go to your local WalMart to see if you can find hang tags on BabyGanics products. The hang tags I had were bogo. Conveniently, Babies R Us is having a BOGO sale on BabyGanics products. Also don't forget to bring your 7th generation coupons for the bogo 1/2 off sale. If you're a regular organic shopper you know that most of these cleaners run $4-7 bucks a pop. My Babies R Us had them all on clearance for $1.99!!

Here's what I got:

1 box of seventh generation dish detergent $1.99
1 bottle of fabric softener (a little beat up but who cares) $1.99
2 Bottles of toilet cleaner $1.99 each
2 bottles of liquid dish detergent for dish washer $1.99 each
2 bottles of multi purpose cleaner $1.99 each
2 bottles of BabyGanics dish washer detergent $6.99 each
2 bottles of BabyGanics laundry detergent $14.99 each!
2 BabyGanics Essentials kits (these include a cleaner, air freshener, foaming hand sanitizer, dish soap, and bonus pack of wipes) $19.99 each!

3, $1.00 off any 7th generation product coupon
2, $2.00 off 2 seventh generation cleaner coupon (hang tags on bottles)
3, BOGO BabyGanics hang tags (found at WalMart)


$8.75 ($3.77 of which was sales tax!), did two separate transactions so I'll submit for two 7th generation rebates (one of which I'll submit for my mom, Thanks mom!)

Total MADE (yes that's right I MADE money buying everything above):
plus $95.82 worth of free product (sale prices, not retail prices!!) I was so pleased with myself I was almost shaking when I got to the parking lot. Woo hoo!Now I can toss (donate) all of my old cleaners and switch to all organic yay!

Thursday, April 8

CVS Savings $17.11 saved- Paid $0.80 tax!

Made a quick run to CVS to use a $1 off panteen CRT that printed from the magical coupon printing machine.

1 Skintimate $3.49
1 Panteen conditioner $2.99
1 Panteen Shampoo $2.99
1 Stride gum $0.99
1 Dawn dish soap $0.96

$0.50 stride gum
$2.00 skintimate
$3.00 off 2 panteen
$1.00 off panteen crt
$4.92 ECBS

$0.80 (all tax)

Got back $6.99 in ECBs ($1.00 was from my green bag tag)

Wednesday, April 7

Help Me, I Can't Stop Shopping at WalMart

If you've been reading for a while you probably already know that I have a love/hate relationship with WalMart. Love the prices and deals, hate their general business practices. But with deals this good, it's hard not to go:

3 Hungry hungry hippo games @ $4.00 each
1 fabric softener $3.97
1 snuggle sheets $3.47
2 Monopoloy deal card games @ $3.00 each
5 Cans of mighty dog @ $0.57 each
2 Kiss nail art stickers $1.87 each
3 Clean and clear face wash travel size $0.97 each
1 Rimmel facial bronzer $4.28
1 Taco bell salsa $1.54
1 Bag of Starbucks coffee $7.48

Subtotal= $51.16!


1, Rimmel product for free from All You
1, $1.00 off taco bell salsa from All You
1, $1.50 off starbucks
3, $1.00 off clean and clear
2, $2.00 off kiss nail printable
1, $3/5 mighty dog
2, $5.00 off monopoly printables
2, $3.00 off All from this week's paper
3, $4.00 off hungry hippos printable from hasboro

Paid $6.22 ($2.75 of which was sales tax). I was really happy with this Walmart run because basically I got everything above for less then one package of starbucks coffee. And, thanks to another blogger I recently learned that you can take your empty bag off starbucks coffee into any starbucks for a free Tall coffee, who knew? And I've been throwing them away this whole time!

My apologies for all the terrible photos lately. I keep trying to take them at night and cannot figure out a good setting on my camera.

Tuesday, April 6

Mailbox Monday, a Little Late

Yesterday was a good mailbox Monday. I always look forward to seeing what samples and rebates will arrive in the mail after the weekend. Here’s what arrived:

1 Physician’s formula rebate (from the bamboo compact) $6.95

1 Heineken $5.00 rebate (this is a no beer purchase required rebate, search NBPR on e-bay to find a ton of these) They’ve really been a great moneymaker for me because I submit receipts on groceries that I have to buy anyway.

1 check from taking surveys for opinion outpost, yes survey sites do really pay! $20.80

1 $25.00 check from my credit card company. I think people who tell you never to use your credit card are nuts. I think of my credit cards as cash. I use them to buy what I need and what I would have bought with cash. Then I pay them off in full at the end of the month. I get rewards on one card and cash back on another. It’s like an interest free 30 day loan that makes me money. If you're an overspender I understand why you'd want to use cash, but most couponers are pretty disciplined, so why not get paid to shop with you credit card?

1 Package of puffs tissues and a bunch of coupons from vocal point

1 Package of Wrigley’s react 5 gum

This month’s Car and Driver for E (we get about 5 subscriptions to various mags for free, keep an eye out for these offers because they come and go fast!)

50 City Saver business cards for when I’m at the store and someone says “wow, how’d you do that?” Only $1.00 for these cute little cards, thanks to a Hip2Save deal posted last week.

How’d you do this Mailbox Monday?

Saturday, April 3

I heart Target! $66.65 Saved!

Here's why:

1st Transaction:

2 Seventh Generation cleaners $2.99 each
1 Bop it game
1 Monopoly deal card game $5.24 (rings up free with promo)

2, $1.00 off seventh generation target
1, $2.00 off 2 seventh generation manf.
1, $3.00 off Bop it Target
1, $5.00 off Monopoly

3.50! Which I paid with a gift card ($0.52 was sales tax on $14.98), Plus I'll buy one more cleaner and submit for the $5.00 seventh Generation rebate. I'm trying to switch to all organic cleaning products, so I'm thrilled about this deal.

Transaction 2:

3 Tide travel size at $.97 each
1 Cotton Tee-shirt on clearance for $6.30 (love these little t's)
1 Physician's formula Bronzer $8.99
1 Physician's formula Compact with brush $5.99
4 Purina benefuls dog food at $1.27 each
1 Bop it game $14
1 Monopoly deal card game $5.24


4, $3.00 off Benefuls (yea for overage!)
1, $3.00 off Bop it Target
1, $5.00 off Monopoly
1, bogo physician's formular
2, $4.00 off physician's formula peelies
3, $1.00 off tide


$2.47 ($1.19 of total was tax on 33.97). Plus I might submit for the $5.99 rebate on the compact. I'm not sure yet as the coupon attached to the item and I'm not sure if they'll refund $5.99 or $1.99.

Total paid on both transactions $5.97! Total Saved $66.65!