Sunday, January 10

I Heart Orange and Orange Shoes

Orange has recently become one of my very favorite colors, so when I saw these cute little shoes how could I say no?

They were on sale 30% off (sale price $49.95). I had two DSW coupons (one, $10 off any purchase from my birthday last year and one, $5 off any purchase from my birthday this year). I also picked up some shoe polish and a package of shoe grips for the bottom of a very cute, but very slippery pair of flats that have almost killed me 3 times.

They are Keens and 100% vegan, which I really like. Even the box was recyclable. Maybe they aren't super hip or sexy, but what they lack in style they certainly make up for in comfort, and ultimately that's what matters to me the most.

Total cost for the Shoes, grippers and polish: $27.17
Total Saved: $29.98

Excuse the dog butt in this photo, I was too lazy to crop.

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