Wednesday, March 31

$50 worth of Product at CVS= $3.10 moneymaker

The OOP on this transaction could have been much better if I had been paying more attention to the math, but I was trying to be quick, so here's what I got:

4 packages of stayfree pads (24ct)
1 Olay body lotion $8.99
3 clean and clean astringents at $5.49 each
2 oral b toothbrushes at $2.99 each

1, $2.00 off olay cvs crt
1, $4.00 off $20 skincare purchase cvs crt
1, bogo oral b $2.99
1, $1.00 off oral b tooth brush (expires today!)
1, $1.00 off stayfree (metro ny didn't get a stayfree coupon)
2, bogo stayfree

and $19.99 in ECBS


$5.89 out of pocket ($1.05 was sales tax). I was overcharged by a dollar, but it was the manager so I didn't want to raise a fuss, since in the past she hasn't been very agreeable, I'm hoping this will put us on better terms. I also could have bought another item worth a quarter and used another $5.00 ecb, ugg.

Plus, I got back $15.00 in ECBS and I'll send in for the olay rebate and get back $8.99, so really a money maker of $3.10.

Monday, March 29

Who Said You Can't Coupon Shop at the Mall?

Here's proof that you can go to the mall and "shop" and not spend anything. Sunday E and I headed to the local mall to pick up a free pair of cotton undies and a free piece of Godiva Chocolate.

The Godiva is for being part of the Godiva Rewards club (just scan your card, similar to a cvs/grocery card) and pick a free piece from the case each month!

The undies were part of a VS mailing. I do have a VS credit card from years ago that I no longer use, but I'm pretty sure this mailing was because I'm a member of their "Pink club". When I think about it now, I could shoot myself in the foot for all the expensive underwear I use to buy. $10 bucks a pair, no more! I'll stick to my cotton freebies!

Amount spent OOP $ZERO!

Sunday, March 28

$28.92 spent, $96.32 worth of Groceries!

People who say you should shop around for the best grocery deals are definitely right. We recently found that our local A&P (the smaller of the two in our area) has excellent markdowns on meat and baked goods on Sunday afternoon/evening. Last week I got a whole organic chicken for $7.00! This week I got a pound and a half of individually packaged chicken breast for $4.00, a huge Focaccia bread with roasted veggies for $2.00, a package of fried chicken for E's lunch $2.00 and a 12 pack of jumbo glazed donuts for $1.50.

After A&P we headed to ShopRite to get...
Heinz mustard and brown mustard
4 free boxes of Ronzonni pasta
3 free packages of Carolina rice
1 package of free Halls cough drops

Super Cheap:

4 packages of Sargento cheese ($0.49 a piece)
2 Tropicanna OJ ($0.75 each) using a bogo coupon and a $1.00 coupon
and 3, 7lb bags of Worlds best cat litter $6.99 each (used 3, $5.00 coupons) Not shown in photo

Strawberries $1.99
Asparagus $1.99 a pound
hazel nuts ($3.49 ouch!)

Total of both trips was $28.92, not too bad since I got meat and cheese and juice that all would have been pricey without discounts/coupons. Without coupons I would have spent $96.32, can you imagine spending $100 bucks for groceries for two people?

Disregard the shih tzu in the photo thinking "If I go in for the kill real quick, mom won't notice I'm eating her dinner".

Saturday, March 27

Walmart $39.13 for $1.27! Free Golf Gifts for Father's Day!

I recently had a 2 hour conversation with my mother about all of my coupon shopping and all the great deals I've been getting recently. We hung up and about 3 minutes later I got another call from my step-dad. The conversation went something like this...

Dad:"Hi,how are things going?"
Me: "Oh pretty good, just hanging in there"
Dad: "How's the new job going?"
Me: "Stressful, but good."
Dad "So I've been thinking about your coupons and do you ever get coupons on stuff or car stuff?"
Me: "Umm, to be honest I don't really look for that stuff, but I could check to see if there are any sales somewhere, or maybe a rebate?"
Dad: "Alright, well if you find anything let me know"

So, this trip is for him!


3 Veet hair removers @ $2.00 each (mostly for the overage with my $3 coupon)
3 Callaway golf towels on clearance for $1.00 each! (scan them, they were marked $2.00) (reg. $15.00 each!)
2 boxes of golf balls on clearance for $2.00 each (scan them, they were marked $7.00)!
4 Old spice travel size body wash $0.97 each
1 Hungry hungry hippos game on clearance for $4.00!
2 packages of kotex liners @ $1.00 each
1 box of kashi cereal $3.29
2 bags of Reese eggs $2.75 each
1 bag of Robbin eggs $2.00
1 Cetaphil face lotion $5.47
Total before coupons= $39.13

3, $3.00 on veet printable coupons
1, $5.00 on cetaphil printable (no longer available)
2, $3.00 on 2 old spice body washes
1, $4.00 on hungry hungry hippos game printable
1, Free box of kashi from vocal point
2, $1.00 on any kotex product from samples in the mail

Out of pocket=$1.27!! I was so thrilled I almost did a little happy dance. I had to add two bags of candy to my order because my subtotal was negative! I've never had that happen before. I wish I had done a total beforehand (I would have bought something more useful then candy with my overage). The man behind me in line was amazed. It was a good day, and yes I can get good deals on golf stuff:)

Thursday, March 25

Rite Aid 20pack of TP for just $0.96!

I hate paying for toilet paper and paper towel. Something just rubs me the wrong way about paying for something I'm not even "enjoying". A few months back I was able to score some super cheap TP at CVS, this time I was able to score some at Rite Aid.


1 Cottonelle 20pk $10.99
1 Renu tavel kit $0.99
2 Reeses PB cup $0.50 each
2 Ester C $8.59 each
1 J&J Baby Powder $2.99

1, $5.00 off $20 VV
2, $.55 off Reeses
1, $1.00 off J&J VV
1, $1.00 off J&J man
1, $1.00 off renu
2, $5.00 off Ester C


$2.96 OOP, Will get back $2.00 SCR on the Cottonelle making everything above cost just $0.96! How's that for cheap TP?

2nd Transaction also in photo

2 Renpure at $6.99 BOGO
1 Efferdent rain check $5.99
1 J&J baby shampoo $2.99

I can't find my receipt right now, but I'll up-date with details when/if I can find it (luckily I already submitted the SCRs online)

Monday, March 22

Walgreens, Free John Freida, Free Planters, Free Toothpaste

I have a love/hate relationship with Walgreens, but lately it has been more love. There was a 3 month period when I refused to step in in the store. But now I'll head in when there is a decent deal that doesn't seem like it will be too complicated for the cashiers.


4 Planter's trail mix $1.50 each (one was eaten in the car)
1 colgate max fresh $2.99
1 Olay lotion $7.99
1 Olay body wash $4.99 free with lotion purchase
1 John Frieda hair spray $2.00 (clearance)
1 John Frieda hair smoothing lotion $2.00 (clearance)

4, $1.50 off planters facebook coupon
1, $.75 off colgate max fresh printable
2, $2.00 off John Frieda hair styler
1, $1.00 off Olay quench lotion
1, $1.00 off 2 planters product WAGS coupon from monthly book (hand last)

Got back a $2.00 Register Reward, that E used to buy Oreo brownies (he "needed" them)

$8.60 ($1.37 was tax) Will submit for the $7.99 olay rebate, so $0.61 for everything above.

Target=Cheap cheap Christmas Donations and Free Air Fresheners

How happy was I when my buy 2 get 1 free (hasboro card game) coupon took the price of my monopoly game, $7.00 instead of my monopoly card game $5.54? Super happy. The cashier didn't even have to put in the price, some how the coupon just automatically took off $7.00. Sure it's only a little difference, but it's enough difference that I'll go back later in the week to grab another game to put aside for Christmas toy donations.

4 Airwick Air I-motion air fresheners @ $6.00 a piece
3 Hasboro card games @ $5.54 a piece
1 Monopoly board game, $7.00


1, B2G1 free hasboro card games
4, $5.00 off Airwick manufacturers
4, $1.00 off Airwick target (old style coupons, print as many as you want)


Nothing! I had a target gift card. OOP would have been $3.15 ($1.53 of that was sales tax on $43.62 worth of merchandise!) The bottom of my receipt says I saved $82.35 (non-sale prices), SCORE!

Thursday, March 18

Free Eukanuba Puppy Food! Plus Pet Deals

Recently adopted a puppy? Know someone that did? Want to make your local shelter very happy?

Here's the link to a coupon for $10.00 off any size bag of Eukanuba Puppy food! I bought a small bag on sale at Petco last week for just $9.99. I don't have a puppy and our little gray dog eats Blue Buffalo, so our local shelter will be getting this bag.

Blue Buffalo also has $5.00 off dog food and $3.00 off cat food coupons here and Cat's Pride litter is offering a coupon for a free bag of litter when you join their group on catster here I signed up a few weeks ago and got mine really quick. We use World's Best cat litter because it's all natural, so our free litter will also be going to our local shelter.

Have you scored any great pet deals lately?

Tuesday, March 16

Another Rite Aid Trip, Another Money Maker!

Transaction #1:
2 Stayfree Maxi Pads (on sale Buy 1 Get 1 50% Off) $4.29 each
1 Visine All Day Itchy Relief .17 oz $12.99
1 Motrin PM 40 count $4.99
1 Johnson first Aid tape $1.99

1, $5/$25 Rite Aid coupon printable
1, bogo free staygree 1/3 RP (made the 50% off item $2.14 FREE)
1, $1.00 Stayfree coupon from a mailing
1, $3.00 Visine in-ad coupon
1, $3.00 Visine coupon 3/14 RP
1, $1.00 Motrin coupon 3/14 RP
1, $1.00 Johnson first aid 1/3 RP

Paid: $9.26

Transaction #2:


1 Neosporin Cream $3.99
1 Band-aid Brand Bandages $1.99
1 KY Yours & Mine Couples Lubricant $14.99
1 Johnson’s bedtime bath $4.49


$5/$25 Rite Aid coupon
1, $1.00 Johnsons Baby in-ad coupon
1, $1.00 Johnson’s coupon printable
1, $3.00/2 Neosporin/Band-aid coupon 2/21 SS

Paid: Zero (paid with a gift card). Would have been $17.40 if I'd paid out of pocket.

Total from both transactions:

Will get back $25 Single Check Rebate #24 Making my total cost FREE! Plus a $15.74 moneymaker! Plus I'll probably auction off the yours and mine on e-bay making this a bigger money maker.

As I mentioned in my last Rite Aid post, I shop for my mom and grandma since they aren't Rite Aid shoppers. If you're just shopping for yourself you can only do one Single Check Rebate per household.

Sunday, March 14

Johnson and Johnson for FREE, $16.41 Money Maker!

So the Rite Aid I typically go to now knows me and they tend to believe me when I tell them things like, "yes, you can use a bogo coupon on a bogo 1/2 off". If in doubt they refer to the coupon policy that I gave them. The other one about 3 blocks from the first, not so much. I have to fight with them (in a nice way, usually) constantly. So much so, I almost dread stepping in the store. In any case between the two stores I was able to get everything I needed.

Transaction 1


1 KY yours and mine $14.99 (the bottles are inside the package, yes I checked this time)
1 Johnson and Johnson baby bath $4.29

1, $5.00 off $20 RA
1, $1.00 off J&J Man. (for some reason this one didn't scan and I was too tired to fight)
1, $1.00 off J&J RA in ad
1, $2.00 off KY (I didn't have anymore of the $5.00 off)
1, $2.00 off skin care item $2.99 or more wellness CRT

$10.14 OOP
($19.28 towards spend $50.00 get $25.00 SCR on J&J products)

Transaction 2


1 J&J oatmeal baby lotion $4.29
1 J&J oatmeal baby bath $4.29
1 visine $7.49
1 Neosporin $3.99
1 Band Aid $1.99


1, $5.00 off $20 RA
1, $3.00 visine RA in ad
1, $2.00 visine Man.
1, $3.00 off bandaid and neosporin
1, $1.00 off J&J RA in ad
1, $1.00 off J&J Value Video
1, $1.00 off J&J Man.
1, $1.00 off J&J Man.

$5.44 OOP
($22.05 towards SCR)

Transaction 3


2 Cortaid $3.99 each
3 First Aid tape $1.99 each
2 Renpure shampoos $6.99 bogo

1, $5.00 off 20 RA
2, $2.00 off cortaid
1, $3.00 of renpure RA value video
3, $1.00 off J&J first aid product

$Zero, I paid with a gift card I got from the heart health rebate ($13.95 to the SCR)

Total for all 3 transactions= $15.58! and I qualify for the $25.00 J&J rebate for a money maker of $9.42! Plus I'll submit for the $6.99 Renpure try me free rebate (on a hang tag around the bottle), making this deal a $16.41 moneymaker!! Plus I'll auction the KY off on e-bay hopefully for $10 bucks or so.

Note: Transaction 3 would have cost $5.50 if I hadn't paid with a gift card, making the OOP $21.08, still a $3.92 money maker (even if you never bothered to submit for the Renpure)!

Thursday, March 11

Target Free Deodorant and Kids Toothpaste/brushes & Cheap Games

I was at Target this weekend (which can be a nightmare depending on the cashier I get)to pick a a few of those cheap card games that everybody keeps talking about. Fortunately I got a young cashier that was about to leave for the night and pushed all of my coupons through without evening looking at them. I figured I'd try to use the $3.00 off P&G coupon with the small gillette clinical strength deodorants and she pushed them through without even batting an eyelash. Would they normally work? I'm not sure, the coupon says excludes trial size, but the deodorants aren't in the travel size section, they are with the body washes? In any case... here's what I got:

1 Dove Soap bonus pack $3.99
2 Gillette clinical at $1.79 each
2 Crest kids toothpaste at $1.49 each
2 Crest kids toothbrushes at $1.69 each
1 Monopoly card game $5.54
1 scrabble slam card game $5.54
3 pictureka card games $5.54 each
1 Hostess Ding dongs (guess who wanted these) $3.04

1, $1.25 off dove printable
2, $3.00 off gillette clinical deodorant
2, $1.00 off crest toothpaste for kids
2, $1.00 off crest toothbrush for kids
4, $1.00 target printables for kids toothcare
3, $5.00 off pictureka printables
2, $4.00 off scrabble or monopoly

Total $7.74 (paid with $2.93 on a Target giftcard) So, $4.81 OOP! Saved $39.51! Not too shabby since the Ding dongs were $3.04 (of course I didn't have a coupon and E had to have them).

All the games will probably be saved for the toy drive this Christmas.

Tuesday, March 9

CVS deals Week of 3/8, Free Oral b, 29 cent Papertowel

1 Fusion razor $8.99
4 boxes of Wheat Thins $1.00 each
1 Dawn hand Renewal $0.99
1 Roll of cvs paper towel (not shown)$1.29
2 Oral B toothbrushes $4.00 each
2 Nivea lip $2.99 each

1, $4.00 off fusion razor
4, $1.00 off wheat thins facebook coupon
1, $1.00 off dawn from refresh your nest booklet
1, $1.00 off cvs paper towel crt
1, bogo nivea lip
2, $1.00 off oral B cross action

$1.66 ($1.66 was all tax as I paid with ECBS)

Got back $10.99 in ECBS

Sunday, March 7

Rite Aid, Saved $104.05! MADE$1.32!!, 4 Transactions

Transaction One

1 Pampers $9.99 (Keeping these in case I need a shower gift)
2 John Frieda $10
2 Starburst $1.49 BOGO

Coupons Used:

1, $5.00/$20.00 Rite Aid VV
1, $1.50 Pampers (couldn't find the ones listed on the $2.00 cpn)
1, $1.00 John Frieda Rite Aid VV
2, $3.00 John Frieda from 3/7 SS
1, $1.49 BOGO Starburst from facebook
1, $1.00 off $1.99 or greater hair care wellness coupon from a Rite Aid Receipt
Total = $5.88 ($0.39 was tax)
Saved: $29.28!

Transaction Two

2 Almay One coat mascaras $6.99 bogo
1 Cover Girl tru blend powder Free (bogo cover girl)
1 Cover Girl tru blend minerals powder $8.69

1, $3.00/$15.00 Rite Aid
1, $1.00 off Almay 3/7 SS

Total=$1.88 ($0.88 was tax)
Saved: $23.07!
Will get back $5.00 Almay SCR (hopefully depending on if they count the bogo)

Transaction Three:


2 Biore Pore Strips $10
2 Biore Cleansers $10

1, $5.00/$20.00 Rite Aid VV
2, Buy pore strips get cleanser free=$10.00

Total=$6.05 ($1.05 was tax),
Saved: $17.92
Will get back 2, $5.00 SCRs (one from the 3 Biore and one with 1 Biore plus the two John Freidas from transaction 1)

Transaction Four:


1 Crest with Scope $2.74
1, Nyquil $4.99
1 Metamucil $9.99 (Huge container!)
2 Cover Girl tru blend powder $8.69 bogo

1, $5.00 off $2.00 Rite Aid
1, $1.00 off crest
1, $1.50 off Nyquil 3/7
1, $3.00 off metamucil
1, $8.69 bogo Cover Girl

Total= $7.87 ($0.45 was tax)
Saved: $33.78!
Will get back $1.00 on the crest, $5.00 on the metamucil, $2.00 on the nyquil.

Total for all 4 transactions= $21.68 (Saved $104.05), Total minus SCR= MoneyMaker of $1.32!
Plus I'll have $27.71 towards the $10.00 Rite Aid gift card when you buy $30.00 of Proctor and Gamble products(more if the cover girl counts towards that total).

Saturday, March 6

Rite Aid Money Maker #2

Second Rite Aid Trip:
1 Dove Mens Care (rain check price $4.00)
2, Carefree liners $0.99 each
1 Aconmel Acne creme $6.99
1, Efferdent $5.99


1, $1.50 off Dove Men's Care
2, $1.00 off carefree liner printables
1, $3.00 off $15 Rite aid pdf coupon

Paid $12.95 Out of pocket, Will
get back $15.00 in SCRs making everything FREE, PLUS a $2.05 Money Maker

More Rite Aid Money Maker Deals...

I just couldn't help making one more trip to my local Rite Aids (yes plural, usually one doesn't have much and I have to do several scenarios just in case they are missing my "key" items).

First Rite Aid Trip:
1 Dove Mens Care (rain check price $4.00)
1 Satin Care Shave gel $1.99
2 Sure deodorants bogo at $2.99
2 Renu Travel kits $0.99 each
1 Listerine pocket pack $3.99
1 Aconel Acne creme $6.99

1, $1.50 off Dove Men's Care
1, $1.00 off gillette shave gel
1, $1.50 off Sure deodorant
1, $1.00 off Sure men's deodorant
2, $0.99 off Renu Printable from
1, $0.50 off listerine pocket pack
1, $5.00 off $20 Rite aid VV coupon

Paid $10.00 Out of pocket

Will get back $14.00 in SCRs making everything FREE, PLUS a $4.00 Money Maker!!

Friday, March 5

Free Godiva Chocolate-Free Shipping-Godiva Rewards

A new month means a new CHOCOLATE fix. If you haven't signed up for Godiva's Rewards Club I highly recommend that you do it right away. I signed up in January, but totally forgot about it until last month when I was at the mall passing by those tasty chocolates.

The whole sign-up process is super easy, just go here to fill out the electronic membership form. Alternatively you can sign-up by giving your e-mail address to an associate in the store. Then each month you can pick a piece of chocolate from the case that you want to try. Last month I got milk chocolate truffle with champagne yum! Please note you can only receive your chocolate from a stand alone store (macy's or another retailer that sells Godiva will have no idea what you're talking about if you show them your rewards card)

You also get a free gift reward with any $10.00 purchase from a participating Godiva boutique (limited to one free gift a month, and will have to show their Godiva Rewards Club card or some other personal data to claim it).

Finally, members who buy chocolate or other goods from Godiva’s online store will be able to take advantage of free shipping (one time, U.S only).

No, I don't get any kickbacks from Godiva, I just really like their chocolate.
Sign up today you won't regret it.

Thursday, March 4

Softsoap Nutri Serum Body Wash for Free!

Ok, so I'm not overly impressed with cvs this week, but I had $4.00 in ECBs expiring so here's what I got:


1, Softsoap Nutri Serum Body Wash $4.99


1, $1.00 off nutri serum body wash from the March All You Magazine
$4.00 in ECBS

$0.35! (this was all tax)

Got back $4.00 in ECBs

Wednesday, March 3

$0.12 a Package Feline Greenies!! Free Ship and $5.00 Off Any Order!

Do your cats love greenies? Mine sure do, but at $2.50-$3.00 for a relatively small package they can get a little expensive. Our cats have very sensitive stomachs so we have to be really careful what treats we give them (whisker lickins or other processed treats make them horribly sick). So, whenever I can find good quality treats for under $0.50 a package I stock up.

Here's how I got Greenies for $0.12 a package shipped!!

Go to the Drs Foster and Smith Website here
Search for "Greenies" at the top left hand side of the page
Add two packages of Feline Greenies at $2.29 a piece
Add two 3cc oral syringes at $0.33 a piece (to get your order over $5.00)
Proceed to check out, enter all your shipping information
On the page before you enter credit card information there is a box on the right hand side of the page that says enter a coupon (or something to that effect)
Use the code 34304001 to score $5.00 off any purchase $5.00 or more
Because the Greenies and the Syringes are both considered healthcare items they will qualify for free shipping.
The page will update with your new total $0.24!!
Enter your credit card info or paypal information

I did this deal once before the last time free shipping was offered and didn't have any problems. Let me know what other sweet deals you score with the $5.00 off code and free shipping.

Monday, March 1

Target Trip=Free Deodorant and Body Wash+.$0.16 candles

The target by me is a little hit or miss. Sometimes I get a good cashier that just pushes through all my coupons without any hassles, sometimes they scrutinize every single coupon and fight with me for no reason. Luckily this trip was the former.

2 Gillette Clinical Sport deodorants $1.99 each
2 Gillette Body Washes 8.4 oz each $1.99 each
1 Fur Fighter $3.99 (no longer on sale)
1 Dove Sensitive Skin 4 pack with free travel body wash $3.99
3 Glade at $1.66 each
1 Rimmel Mascara $2.34

2, $4.00 off two Gillette body washes or deodorants
1, $1.25 off dove 4pk or larger printable from
3, $1.50 off glade scented oil candle (found inside tin)
1, $3.00 off any Rimmel mascara from March All you Magazine
1, $4.00 off fur fighter pdf printable

= $2.07($0.81 was sales tax) Yea for overage!

Paid Zero OOP because I had a $5.00 Target gift card from the razor and body wash deals last week

Plus I'll submit for the $5.00 SC Johnson Rebate for one of my lucky sisters.