Thursday, January 21

Who Said Nothing in Life is Free?

Many of you will remember a few months ago when Lee was running their facebook promotion to win a pair of jeans? Well, there was an unusually high number of people trying to sign up and Lee had some problems monitoring the contest, and as a result they ended up giving everyone that signed up (before a certain date, which I can't remember) a free pair. I received mine from the fedex man yesterday :)

The fit is a little different then I would normally buy, but for a free pair of jeans, I'm certainly not complaining.

I also received my prizes from the Huggies Enjoy the Ride program (I'm not including photos since I plan to give them as gifts to my nephews and I don't want my sisters to see).

If you aren't signed up already, you really should. I entered codes from several blogs (goggle huggies rewards and a bunch should pop up). Deel Seeking mom has some here. and had enough points to win a prize the same day. It takes a few minutes to copy and paste the codes, but I think it's worth it.

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