Friday, July 16

Do You Bzz?

A few months back I saw a little write up on a blog about being a BzzAgent. The concept/idea behind BzzAgent is that the marketing company receives a bunch of samples that they send out to members for free and in return the members will go out and share the samples with all their friends, creating a “buzz” (hopefully positive from the company's perspective) about the product. I signed up and hadn't really heard much from the site for a while (and honestly forgot I signed up). This morning I got an e-mail inviting me to participate in the Sebastian Professional Volupt System BzzCampaign. I filled out a short survey and then received the following e-mail:

"Greetings BzzAgent couponkari,

Thanks for joining the Sebastian Professional Volupt System BzzCampaign! Your BzzKit will be delivered within 21 days."

I'm not sure exactly what is being mailed to me, but I'm excited to try out a new product and give my opinion. Has anyone else done a BzzCampaign before? Do you Bzz?

Monday, July 12

CVS, Finally a Good Week!

CVS has been sort of dead for a while. I haven't been able to roll my ECBs and I've been waiting for something worth spending on. Last week I picked up some Starbucks, but really that was the only thing worth buying.

Please excuse this terrible photo!


2 John Frieda $10.00
1 Complete contact solution $7.99
1 Papermate pens $0.99
1 Scissors $0.99
2 Bio True contact $2.99 each


2, $10.00 ECBs
2, $2.00 off John Frieda (I used my $3.00 cpns at Rite Aid last week)
1, $2.00 off complete


$1.07 (my subtotal was negative 5 cents!, hand the ECBS first so the coupons will deduct tax).

Got back:

$5.00 John Frieda, $0.99 pens, $0.99 scissors, $7.99 complete, $5.98 bio true, not to bad of a trip! I may never have to buy shampoo again.

Rite Aid Deals 7/11, $2.25 MoneyMaker

This week's Rite Aid deals weren't as great as the past couple weeks, but I was still able to come out ahead.


1 Coppertone Sunscreen $8.99 (counts towards the $25.00 skincare giftcard)
2 Suave Professionals
1 J&J non-stick pads $3.99, rang up $3.59 with Wellness discount
1 Crest with Scope $2.69
1 Crest 3D white $2.99
1 Tampax $2.99


$5.00 off $20 RA
$3.00 Coppertone Value Video
$2.00 Coppertone In ad
$1.00 Coppertone printable from company's site
$2.00 J&J nonstick pad printable (these had $1.00 peelies)
$2.00 J&J in ad
$1.00 Crest 3D (from a mailer, or use the RP 6/27)
$1.00 Tampax from the 7/4 P&G
$2.00 Get a free Suave product, from a mailer


$6.46 OOP (1.21 was sales tax)-$2.25 Money Maker after Up+and SCRs below. If I was paying attention I would have paid with Up+ rewards from last week, but I was holding out hoping the next Rite Aid I went to would have the Neutrogena clinical box set...they didn't, so I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to snag one on Wednesday when they get them back in stock.

Got back:

$1.00 Suave UP+, $1.00 Coppertone Up+, $1.00 J&J Up+


$2.00 crest, $2.69 crest, $1.00 tampax

Thursday, July 8

Free Sobe at CVS

Above a photo of the Sobes I was able to snag this weekend (3 stores, I didn't wipe out anyone). All of them were FREE, I just paid sales tax, no coupon problems, not hassles. Gotta love CVS!

Have you been able to pick up your Free Sobe yet? This weekend I picked up 8 Sobe waters on sale BOGO at CVS. I used the BOGO Sobe Coupons I got playing the Sobe game here The coupons were even coded so that the cashier didn't have to enter the price (I love it when this happens).

8 Sobes BOGO
4 BOGO Coupons
= 8 Free Sobes (I just paid tax)

Tuesday, July 6

Fourth of July Finds at Rite Aid

Rite Aid is having an amazing sale this week. There were so many SCRs and Ups that I didn't even know where to begin. Lately I've been trying to only purchase things I know I'll have a use for (or can donate) as I'm up to my eyeballs in Everlast vitamins and can't seem to find anyone that wants them. I was really worried the contact solution might be gone by the time I got there, but amazingly there were bottles and bottles everywhere. I'm glad that this time they stocked up on the SCR items, because usually by the time I get there there's nothing left. This could be due to the fact I was shopping at 9:30pm on the fourth of july (weird I know).

My transaction:

1 Renu $7.29
1 Crest mouthwash $4.99
1 Oral B cross action $5.99
1 Blink $7.99
1 Crest toothpaste $2.49
1 Burts Bees Hand Salve $2.49 (rang up $2.29 with discount)


1, $5.00 off 20 RA Value video
1, $2.00 Renu printable
1, $2.00 RA value video July
1, $2.00 off crest mouthwash
1, $3.00 off Oral B power toothbrush (6/6?)
1, $2.00 off blink
1, $2.00 burts bees non-lip product (attached to the lip balm I bought previously, but when I got to the car I noticed the cashier didn't scan this and I didn't have the energy to go back in ugg)
1, $10.00 Up rewards from the john frieda I bought last week


$4.25 OOP, will get back the following SCRs: $7.29 Renu, $4.00 oral B, $5.00 blink, $4.00 Crest mouthwash. For a money maker of $16.04! Plus I got back a $2.00 Up on the blink.

E also did the same transaction, minus the hand salve. Frustrating things that happened during the trip: the cashier insisted that we were buying the wrong blink and made us buy the blink for contacts, which I'm sure won't produce the $5.00 SCR, and the $2.00 up rewards that we should have received on both toothpastes didn't print. There was no manager on site, so they couldn't do anything and told us we could come back to fix the problem. I'm not sure I'll bother, as it was still a good trip.

Friday, July 2

Coupon Myths..."Buy You Can't Buy Organic/All Natural With Coupons"

So many times I'll be explaining coupons to someone and they'll end up telling me that they don't bother clipping coupons because, "We don't eat processed food", or "We only get organic". I think most people would be surprised to find that there are coupons for many different kinds of food (Organic, Meat, Dairy, Vegetables), not just "Cheap processed crap". A few weeks ago I was able to snag a Mambo Sprouts Coupon booklet at the customer service desk at my local shoprite.

Inside the book were coupons for:
$1.00 off 1 back to nature product
$1.00 off Blue Diamond Almond milk
$1.00 off nut thins
$0.50 off one mojo bar
$1.00 off Dagoba organic chocolate
$1.00 off 1 Kashi Organic promise cereal
$1.00 off 1 bear naked product
$1.00 off two kefir products
$1.00 off 2 organic valley products
$2.00 off two organic valley cheeses
$1.50 off any one rice select item
$1.00 off one Seventh Generation disinfectant cleaner
$0.75 off one R.W. Knudsen juice
$1.00 off one yo baby organic yogurt.

The photo is my most recent Shoprite trip. The all natural chicken sausages were $0.49 a package, the chicken was an organic whole roaster I got 50% off, just $7.99! The Honest Teas were free, the Gourmet D'Artanon Sausage was $3.00 (half off), the hamburger patties were $3.00 (half off). The turkey burgers were $0.49 a package (these aren't organic, but a great price). Cherries, $1.99 a pound. Olivia's Organic Salad $2.99. Ask you local meat manager when the meat gets clearanced. Our A&P always has 50% off meat Sunday afternoon. We stock up on good quality organic meats for a fraction of the retail cost.