Tuesday, May 18

Target Kashi Deal

I was hoping to snag 5 boxes of the Heart to heart crackers as that's what I had the highest value coupons for, but the shelves were pretty bare when I got there. So I ended up with:

1 box of heart to heart cereal $2.88
3 boxes of heart to heart crackers $2.84 each
1 box of peanut butter granola bars $2.79

3, $1.50 off heart to heart crackers or cereal
2, $1.00 off any kashi item


Got back a $5.00 gift card. I'm hoping they'll restock and I can do the deal again using the gift card and 5, $1.50 coupons for a total of $1.70 for 5 boxes of crackers and another $5.00 gift card.

Sunday, May 16

Rite Aid Bucket o' Stuff

Yesterday I headed to Rite Aid to make use of the Everlast Vitamin deal one more time before the deal ended (5/15). I had another deal scenerio set up just in case my local store hadn't replenished their vitamin stock. Luckily they had, so I did two transactions. Only one is shown below, but I'll tell you about both.

First Transaction:


1 Oval Party Tub $5.99 (I have two friends buying their first homes so I plan on filling these with a bunch of the cleaning/home supplies that I get for free, I thought they'd make cute little gifts, stay tuned for photos)
3 Rolls of Bounty Basic $.99 each
2 Packages of TGIF potato skins chips $.99 each
1 Old Spice Fresh deodorant $5.49
1 Old Spice swagger body wash $2.99
2 Packages of Benevia nutrition drink $8.99 bogo

1, $5.00 off 20 value video
3, $1.00 off bounty from the P&G coupon book
2, $1.50 off TGIF snacks
1, $1.00 off two Old Spice
1, Buy body wash get deodorant free $5.49
2, $3.00 off Benevia man cpn
2, $2.00 off Benevia RA Value Video (one for strength one for energy variety)


$1.53 OOP ($0.66 was tax) Plus I'll get back $1.00 SCR on the body Wash making my true OOP just $0.53! Less than the cost of tax woo hoo. Would have been slightly less, but the cashier forgot to scan my Rite Aid card.

Transaction Two:


2 Everlast Vitamins $19.99 bogo
1 Party tub rang $5.39 because of the Rite Aid 10% wellness discount

1, bogo Everlast vitamin $19.99
1, $5.00 off $20.00 Rite aid value video



Thursday, May 13

Busy Week=Few Shopping Trips

I've been meaning to head over to CVS to do a few deals, but in all honesty I've been so busy at work I've been getting out late and sleeping in until 10-11am every day this week. Yesterday I bought some Schick Hydro coupons on e-bay (hoping they'll arrive by Saturday so I can do some Target Deals).

This week the hydro is on sale at ShopRite for just $4.99! So I'm planning on doing a price match at Target.

The transaction will look like this:

Buy two Hydros at $4.99 each (price match)
Pay nothing OOP
Get a $5.00 Target gift card for buying the two razors!

Cross your fingers the USPS will come through for me :)

Sunday, May 9

Rite Aid Money Maker!

I wish I had realized that the everlast vitamins were a monthly deal earlier. Unfortunately my Rite Aid only had 3 bottles so I couldn't do the deal twice. I did snag a raincheck, but the bogo pdf coupon is only good through the 11th I believe.

Here's what I got:

2 Everlast Vitamins $19.99 (bogo)
1 StyleScience Barbie sunglasses $7.99
1 Burt's Bees pedicure kit on clearance $6.49
1 Old Spice Deodorant $2.99

Coupons used:
1, $5.00 off $20.00 Value Video
1, $2.00 off Burt's Bees product (not lip) sticky on the lip balm I bought last trip
1, $10.00 off Style Science sunglasses VV
1, $19.99 Everlast (bogo coupon)

$1.34 OOP ($0.87 was tax)

Will get back $2.00 SCR on the sunglasses and $1.00 on the old spice for a $1.66 moneymaker!

Thursday, May 6

Shop Rite ConAgra Catalina Deal

Cindy over at LivingRichWithCoupons.com alerted her readers to a wonderful unadvertised catalina deal at ShopRite this week.

The advertised deal is: Buy 10 selected ConAgra products get a $3.00 catalina. The unadvertised deal is that a $5.00 on your next shopping order (5/23-5/29) also prints.

I was lucky to have a training during the day today, so I worked 9-5 and headed over to ShopRite after work. I bought everything in the photo (two transactions of ten items a piece, plus two free chocolate milks) for $16.32. Plus I got back $13.00 in Catalinas making my total just $3.32! I plan to go back tomorrow or Saturday to do several more transactions like this:

Buy 10 products at $1.00 a piece= $10.00
Minus one $3.00 catalina= $7.00
Get back $8.00 in catalinas (one, $3.00 and one, $5.00) $1.00 moneymaker per transaction!

My transactions today were a little higher because the popcorn was $1.59, not $1.00. If I do three more transactions my OOP will be $37.32 and I'll have $28.00 in Cats to use on future grocery transactions making my total just $9.32 for 50 grocery items that retail for about $65.00! And what's even better is I just got a postcard in the mail stating that my local post office/letter carrier is participating in the national food drive this Saturday, so I won't even have to drive anywhere to drop everything off!

Tuesday, May 4

I heart Pet Smart!

Here's why...The cashiers are always so friendly and pleasant and excited when I get a good deal. Unlike some of the cashiers at other stores (who will remain nameless), who sigh and huff and puff when I present a stack of coupons, pet smart's cashiers are always kind and considerate and never raise a fuss when I give them coupons. I also love that the Pet Smart closest to me gives overage on coupons. I purchased 25, $3.00 off any size pro plan coupons specifically to use for the following transaction:

1 15 pound bag of Blue Buffalo dog food $27.99 (yes, I'm well aware that my dog eats better than children in many developing countries)
11 pouches of pro plan dog food at $0.99 a piece (all of this will be donated to our local humane society)


1, $5.00 off blue buffalo snail mail coupon from the website
11, $3.00 off any size pro plan

$3.60 ($2.72 of which was tax!).

I'll be headed back this coming weekend to pick up a big bag of cat food and possibly some treats to donate with the food. A win/win for both me and my local shelter.

Monday, May 3

Sunday Target Trip $9.80

There wasn't much at Target this week, but I wanted to see if I could snag one more Free purse with the $5.00 off Merona bag coupon that expired yesterday.


1 Merona hobo bag (Marked $5.00) rang $2.50!
2 Merona cotton T's, I wear these under everything $5.60 a piece
1 Package of 3 pairs of knee high tights, these are a staple for me $5.00

2 jars of classico Alfredo sauce $2.09 each
2 jars of classico red sauce $2.09 each
1 pound of ground beef $1.99 (not shown in photo)


1 GE lightbulb $2.99


2 gillette body washes clearance for $1.52 each
2 physicians formula bronzer refills $8.31 each


1, $5.00 on Merona bag
2, $2.00 on Merona tops
1, $2.00 on women's hoisery
2, Buy red sauce get white sauce free coupons $2.09 each
2, $1.50 off two jars of classico sauce
1, $1.50 off ground beef with classico purchase
1, $1.00 off GE
1, 2.00 off GE Target coupon
1, $4.00 off two gillette
1, BOGO physicans formula $8.31
2, $4.00 off physicans formula peelies

Total spent $9.80 for everything above! Not too shabby considering one T-shirt retails for $8.00! Looks like we'll be eating a lot of Italian in the upcoming weeks.

Saturday, May 1

Saturday ShopRite Snags

Today I ran to ShopRite after stopping by Rite Aid and PetCo/Petsmart. I was pretty pleased with myself when I picked up everything in the photo for just $5.97!

What's even better is I got a Catalina for $3.00 off any beef or chicken purchase for purchasing 6 old El Paso products (This cat is National I believe, check your local store!). The taco shells and seasoning were all on sale (I believe $1.40 for the shells and $0.67 for the seasoning) and I used the $.60 off two products (which doubled to $1.20!).

Marcal TP was $0.99 a roll and I used the Marcel for free coupon
Sargento reduced sodium cheese was just $1.49- free after a $0.75 coupon doubled (coupons.com)
Malt o Meal cereal was $0.49 each after a doubled $.75 coupon (coupons.com)
Wacky Mac, free after a doubled $0.50 coupon