Wednesday, January 27

Qdoba Free Craft 2 Meal- Play the Game

I just got an e-mail from Qdoba about their new about their new MASH Craft 2 Game. The game is really easy (and kind of fun to play). Remember the game MASH, from when you were in grade school? Well this is the electronic version. The first time I played I won a free Craft 2 meal (with the purchase of any regular drink). I'm pretty excited because we go to Qdoba a lot (I actually just finished half a burrito from Monday night for lunch).

If you have a Qdoba nearby I suggest you give the game a try. I'm not sure what the odds are for winning, but I have terrible luck, so... The coupon is good until the 29th (well mine is, if you play tomorrow it's probably good until the 30th I assume).


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