Sunday, February 28

Rite Aid Money Maker number 2!

1 Actonmel acne treatment $6.99
1 Listerine pocket pack $3.99
1 Efferdent for my papa $5.99
1 Satin Care shave gel $1.99
1 Care Free liner 16 ct $.99
1 Renu travel kit $0.99

Coupons Used
1, $5.00 off 20.00 Value Video
1, $1.00 off satin care
1, $1.00 off care free liner printable
1, $2.00 off carefree value video (expires today, go now!)
1, $1.00 off Renu from
1, $0.50 off Listerine pocket pack

$12.00 OOP, will get back $16.00 in SCR making this deal a $4.00 Moneymaker after tax!

Please note: for all of my Rite Aid transactions, I shop and submit rebates for my grandparents. So if you noticed I bought two of the same item, one SCR is going to them at their address and one is going to me at my address.

Get to Rite Aid Now! Make Money Money, Make Money Money Money!

Seriously! The deals this week are awesome. Just got back and here's my first transaction.


1 Albolene $7.99
1 Listerine pocket pack $3.99
1 Monkey Butt (lol) $3.99
1 Satin Care shave gel $1.99
1 Care Free liner 16 ct $.99
1 Suave hair spray $1.99

Coupons Used
1, $5.00 off 20.00 Value Video
1, $1.00 off satin care
1, $1.00 off care free liner printable
1, $2.00 off carefree value video (expires today, go now!)
1, $1.00 off hair care product $1.99 or more wellness coupon that printed at the bottom of my receipt when using my wellness card.
1, $0.50 off Listerine pocket pack


$11.14 OOP, will get back $15.00 in SCR making this deal a $3.86 Moneymaker after tax!

Friday, February 26

Babies R Us Soap and Facewash for Free

Ok this post is a little late (I bought this stuff Sunday morning), but I believe the coupons I used are good through tomorrow. Babies R Us is quickly becoming one of my favorite coupon stores, here's why:

6 method hand soap on clearance for $0.98 a piece
3 Clean and Clear Blackhead scrubs on clearance for $1.98 a piece

Used the printable babies r us coupons for 25% off clearanced cleaning products and 25% off adult personal care products to make the soaps just $0.73 a piece (these retail for $3.98!) and the scrubs just $1.48 a piece.

but it gets better...I used 3, $2.00 off any clean and clear product printables to make my total just $3.65! (yes I got overage towards the soaps, sweet!) I paid with my Babies R Us $5.00 gift card for a total of Zero out of pocket.

Tuesday, February 23

CVS Cheap Huggies Wipes

Headed back to cvs this morning to pick up some of the infamous 2/$5 huggies jumbo packs. I had the cashier price scan them and sure enough, $2.50 each.

Here's what I got

2, Huggies wipes 216 count $5.00
1, CVS nail brush $1.99

1, $0.50 off Huggies wipes
1, $2.00 off any cvs brand beauty purchase
$4.50 ECBs


CVS savings, Physician's Formula moneymaker!

Made a trip to cvs yesterday to use up a $5 off $15 coupon that was expiring.

1 Colgate max fresh $2.99
1 Earinse $7.99
1 Physician's Formula compact with brush $6.99


1, $1.00 off colgate (all you Feb)
$5.00 off $15.00 cvs coupon
$12.00 in ECBs



Got back:
$2.00 on the Colgate, $5.00 on the physician's formula, $7.99 on the Earinse. Will submit for the Physician's Formula "try me free" rebate for $6.99, for a moneymaker of $9.82!

Monday, February 22

Happy Birthday BB, Petco deals!

So yesterday was Brooklyn's "birthday", so we had to get him a little something. He ended up with...
3 new collars that were on sale for $2.00 a piece (originally $12.00 each!) at PetCo.
A new bed $27.00 (not on sale)
A big chunk of steak for dinner $4.00.

It's hard to believe that a year ago, yesterday we were just beginning to know Brooklyn AKA BB and Mr. B. He was found wandering the streets when NYC Animal Care and Control (a nightmare of an organization) picked him up. He made his way to Sean Casey Animal Rescue (because he wouldn't have been adoptable at AC&C because of his medical issues). He came to us very underweight, with kennel cough, an ulcer in one eye and a "Cherry Eye". He had surgery on the eye several weeks after we got him, and with time and patience he's grown into a growly, but loveable pooch. Here's his before and after (click to get a bigger photo)

And since the cats couldn't be left out
2 Bags of World's Best Cat litter on sale at ShopRite for $6.99 a bag
Used 2, $5.00 off coupons to score this very expensive litter for just $1.99 a bag!

Saturday, February 20

Holy Free Laundry Detergent, Batman!

So I headed over to Babies R Us to see if I could score any deals with the Method Organic laundry detergent (no luck). Some folks were lucky enough to print the $5.00 off coupon before it turned into a $2.00 coupon...I was not one of them

So I looked at all the detergent and saw nothing. Then I turned the corner to the end cap and low and behold, hidden among a bunch of preggie pops and method hand soap... Arm and Hammer Essentials dye free, perfume free laundry detergent marked $2.98!!!

I grabbed two bottles (the only two on the shelf) and raced to the price scanner, just to be sure. Sure enough, $2.98 per bottle, or Absolutely FREE, with the $3.00 off any brand laundry detergent coupon from the Babies R Us flyer (coupon expired today, but there was one in last week's flyer, and hopefully next week's too)

I gave the coupon to the cashier, who remarked on what a good deal it was, just $0.42 (all tax) for 52 loads worth of laundry soap. First free terra chips and now free laundry detergent. Babies R Us is quickly becoming one of my favorite coupon hot spots!

Thursday, February 18

Free Candle and Sense and Spray at CVS

Bought 1 Glade Frag. Collection 3 wick candle $6.00 (sale price)
Bought 1 Glade Sense and Spray air freshener $6.00 (sale price)

Used 1, $3.00 off Frag. Collection CVS crt
Used 1, $3.00 off Glade sense and spray printable from glade's homepage
Used 1, $3.00 off Frag. Collection man. coupon

Paid with $3.00 ECB

Subtotal ZERO! (paid $0.88 tax)

Got back $4.00 ECB, for a $0.12 moneymaker (ok it's small, but at least it's totally free after tax, score!)

Wednesday, February 17

CVS 2/17, More toothpaste- Saved $30.23!

I may never have to buy toothpaste again. Hopefully there's no expiration date, because I have about 10 stocked up now. Here are the numbers...


2 Crest Rinses: $7.98 (they didn't have the pro health but a very nice cashier let me buy the regular rinses priced at 2 for $7.98 and printed me 2, $4.00 ECBS, Thank you!)
1 Aussie Conditioner $2.99
1 Colgate Advanced $2.99
1 Gillette custom plus razors 10ct $6.49
1 Gillette aftershave on clearance $1.64

Coupons Used:

2, $2.00 off crest rinse
1, $1.00 off aussie product 2/14 RP
1, $1.00 off colgate January All you
1, $3.00 off Gilette custom plus
and $12.98 in ECBS

Total OOP:

$1.66 ($1.55 was 7% sales tax)

Got back:
$8ecb from the crest rinses, $2.00 from the Aussie, $2.00 from the colgate, $2.00 from the gillette

Tuesday, February 16

Free Shampoo at Rite Aid

Score free shampoo at Rite Aid this week!

Suave Professionals $2.00 each

Go here to get a Bricks Printable coupon for $2.00 off (make sure your printer is on, it prints as soon as you click on the link)

Thanks! For the Mommas

Target Money Maker

So I headed to Target this weekend to do the Olay body wash/Venus razor deal. I planned to buy 3 Venus razors and 1 fusion razor then use 3, buy a venus get an olay body wash coupons, plus 3, $2.00 off a venus and 1, $4.00 off fusion razor. In theory I would have gotten 3, $5.00 Target gift cards and then would have submitted for the $15.00 olay rebate.

But there were no fusion razors (well there was one that was $4.99, but the scanner did not recognize it as Target merchandise, weird!). So I bought everything as planned thinking maybe I could convince the cashier to give me the gift card since all of the $6.99 fusions were gone. But he did push through the $2.00 off each of the venus razors. I bought the "wrong" body washes that didn't trigger the $5.00 gift card (always, always scan before you buy, I'm not sure what I was thinking). So I ended up only getting one $5.00 target giftcard. I took back the body wash the next day and got the correct washes to trigger the card.

Long Story short, I paid $3.85 for everything in the photo PLUS got a $5.00 Target gift cards. I'll submit for the Olay rebate making this deal a $16.15 Money Maker!

Monday, February 15

Week In Review 2/7

Drugstore/Super Store Totals:
Merchandise purchased this week: $278.25
Spent: $44.43
Rebates: $34.68
Total out of pocket minus Rebates: $9.75
Cumulative Percent Saved this year: 81%
Plus I'm auctioning off some e-bay items, that will make this week a moneymaker. Additionally, I will also get 1, $5.00 Rite Aid gift card from last week's Nivea deal.

Grocery Store:
Merchandise purchased this week: $70.43
Total out of pocket: $36.96

Misc. Other Spending:

Merchandise purchased this week: $51.43
Total out of pocket: $48.43

Weekly Total:
$95.14 for $400.11 Worth of Merchandise this Week

Sunday, February 14

8 Bags of Terra Chips for FREE!

Here's how it all went down:

All varieties of Terra Chips are on sale at Babies R Us through tomorrow (2/15) 2 for $2
(you have to buy 2 to get the 2/$2 price)

Bought 8 bags=$8.00

Used 8, $1.00/1 Terra Chip Printable Coupons from here and here
Final cost– 8 bags of Terra Chips for FREE! (no tax since they are a food item)

There's also a $5 mail in No Beer Purchase Rebate NBPR from Heiniken that I plan to submit to make this deal a money maker! If you don't have the rebate you can pick one up on e-bay (that's where I get most of my NBPR rebates).

Please note that my store said the flyer was incorrectly published and corporate should have published the ad to say $2.00 off two bags not 2 bags for $2.00. But the manager was really sweet and adjusted the price without any problems. Bring a copy of the flyer (you can print one if you don't have a hard copy from the mail), just in case.

More Men's Stuff-CVS

Since I didn't make it to CVS/Rite Aid until today (sat) this week's sales are over I'm just going to post my OOP, not all the coupons used.

Paid $0.45 cents! (paid with $12 ECBS and my subtotal was negative! Score)
Got back $4.00 ECB on the fusion and $1.00 ECB on the deodorant Plus I'll submit the MIR on the Schick quattro to get back the $8.99 I paid.

Next transaction was:

$0.00 out of Pocket (yes...FREE). The cashier adjusted my ECB down and let me use it to pay for tax! Big time Score. I think this happened because the cashier totaled everything and then I presented my ECBS. Typically I hand over coupons and then ECBS right after. I think from now on I'll try waiting and keep the ECBS in my wallet to use like cash.

Got back $3.00 ECB on the Crackers, $4.00 ECB on the floss, and $1.00 on the deodorant

ShopRite Free Deodorant!

No smelly men here! Lately it feels like all the deals have been for men's care products. But I'm certainly not complaining. I'm happy to stock up on razors, bodywash and deodorant to pass on to friends, family and our local homeless shelter.

These bad boys were $0.99 a piece, I used 4, $2.00 off 2 Right Guard coupons from to score them for FREE! (well actually I had to pay tax, but I did get $.02 overage for each set of two)

Tuesday, February 9

I Heart Free Pants!

This is the second time in 2 months that I've snagged a free pair of pants. This time they are Dockers for E.

In all honesty I had forgotten about the chance to win a pair until I was looking through some of my regular blog reads. About 3 minutes before the "men with no pants" ad came on I remembered about the promotion and entered all of my info (so when the ad aired I could hit send). Well, it worked like a charm and I got an e-mail yesterday letting me know I was a winner! SCORE!

I entered the promo code on the website and didn't even have to enter credit card info. Free shipping and free pants, I'm loving all these pants deals.

Was anybody else able to snag a pair?

Monday, February 8

Weekend Rite Aid Trips

Here's several transactions worth of goods:

All together I spent $101.56 (yes that's a lot and that's AFTER coupons, so the value of the items pre-sale and coupon price was really high) but wait... here's what I'll get back

$20.00 on the Alli ($10 SCR times 2)
$23.97 on the gel tears ($7.99 times 3)
$6.00 on the colgate ($2.00 times 3)
$10.00 on the KY intense ($5.00 times 2)-One KY and a pack of gum is missing, want to know why? See my last post.

Total $59.97 back in Single Check Rebates plus I earned 2, $25 Rite Aid gift cards from the Healthy Heart promotion (alli $49.99 plus a soy joy bar at $1.00 to put me over the $50.00 I needed to spend to get the $25 card).

So if you subtract the two gift cards (I don't since they are store specific) it's like I spent $9.97 for everything above.

But wait... (I feel like an infomercial now), I plan to auction off the alli and the KY and anticipate I'll make around $30.00 each for the allis ($60.00 total) and $15.00 each for the KYs ($30.00) for a total moneymaker (fingers crossed) of approximately $30.00 and 2, $25 gift cards!

Sunday, February 7

Reasons You Should Check your Reciepts and Products

before leaving the store...

1. You won't get charged for two frozen pizzas when you in fact purchased one.
2. You won't return home from Rite Aid to take photos of the KY intense gel that you planned to auction on e-bay to find that the package was in fact opened, and the product is missing.

Ugg...I noticed the pizza right away, and went back to the customer service desk (strangely she asked me to bring out the pizza...umm your cashier charged me for two but gave me one, what am I suppose to show you, the pizza you never gave me??)

But in all honesty never thought to check the KY box to make sure the gel was actually in the packaging. When I got home I noticed the box was a little bent on the bottom. Upon closer inspection, the seal was broken and the product was missing. Note to self, stop going to the Sketchy Rite Aid, where people steal things. Perhaps those folks need a lesson on coupons so they can legally "steal" goods and keep their dirty little mitts off my coupon deals.

Hopefully when I return to Rite Aid they will be understanding, I would imagine they know the demographics of people that shop at that location and won't think I'm trying to scam them, but lately Rite Aid has really hassled me with coupons (insisting that value video coupons are manufacturers coupons and not letting me stack without a fight). Cross your fingers for me

The empty box was returned tonight and I actually received the product I paid for without any problems.

Thursday, February 4

2/4 CVS- Sauce, PB, and Body wash (strange combo, I know)

This morning's CVS trip resulted in...
Transaction One:
1 Dove Men's bodywash $5.49
1 Colgate toothpaste reg $2.99

Coupons Used:

(1) $1.25 Dove coupon from 1/31 SS
(1) $1.00 Colgate coupon from 1/31 SS
$6.00 ECB

OOP=$0.82 ($0.59 was sales tax) for $8.55 worth of merchandise.
Got back $5.49 ECB and $2.00 ECB

I don't typically buy pasta sauce unless it's free because A- I make my own and it's much tastier and B- it's on my "never buy again" (you know, toothpaste, pasta sauce, cereal, the stuff that you can always get for free with the right combo of coupons) list. But I had some ECBs expiring this week, so figured I may as well spend them on something that will get ECBS back.

Transaction 2:


3 Ragu Pasta Sauce on sale 3/$5
3 Skippy Peanut Butter on sale 3/$5

Coupons Used:
(1) $1.25/3 Ragu coupon from 1/31 SS
(1) $1.00/2 Skippy coupon from 1/31 SS
$7.49 ECBs

OOP=$0.23 for $19.48 worth of merchadise
Got back $3.00 ECB

Tuesday, February 2

CVS Steals 2/2=Free Body Wash

Ran to CVS this morning to use up some ECBs that were expiring this week.

2 Dove Men's Body and Face Wash $5.49*2=10.98
1 Colgate Max Fresh (my fav toothpaste) $2.99
1 Bounce double pack lint roller (with two Himilayans we really needed this) $7.99

(2) 1.00 off Dove Men's Care printable (no longer available, use the 1/31 SS)
(1) 1.00 off colgate max fresh from Feb. All you mag.
(1) 1.00 off bounce lint roller printable pdf
Paid with 16.00 in ECBS

OOP:$3.50 (1.54 was tax) for $20.30 worth of product, but actually I paid with a giftcard from my dad so OOP was $0.

Received $15.98 ECBs back
($1.00 was from my green bag tag)

Monday, February 1

Walmart Deals 1/29

Here's a photo of what I picked up at WalMart this weekend.

Some of the better deals were:

Old El Paso Mexican Rice $1.00
Old El Paso Black Beans $1.00
Old El Paso taco seasoning $0.88

Used two $1.00 off coupons and a peelie (buy two el paso products get a free seasoning)
to get everything for free

Kotex liners $1.00

Used 2, $1.00 off 1 coupons and 2, $1.00 off 2 coupons
Then submitted for the $4.00 Kotex Panty Challenge Rebate to get them all for free plus a money maker!

Rolaids 1.32 (per 3 roll box)
Tucks wipes $2.74
Rolaids $2.52

Used $4.00 off two tucks, rolaids, mylanta coupon for each pair to make all of the tucks and rolaids free (plus money off other items in my order)

2 Cheese Nips at $1.50 each
Used $2.00 off 2 printable Nabsico coupon to make them $0.50 a box!

Duck Tape $1.67 (for a lot of the packaging I do for e-bay)

Used $1.00 off printable= $0.67 a roll

Free Starkist Tuna
using $1.00 off 1 printable and Free Tuna snacks using the coupon in February All You magazine

Tide $0.97, Free with $1.00 off coupon

Total for everything in Photo $12.87 for $50.20 worth of product

Month In Review

Here's where I came in for the month of January:

All applicable rebates have been deducted from these totals

Drug Store Spending:

$23.72 for $1104.33 worth of merchandise

Grocery Store Spending:

103.37 for $297.79 worth of merchandise

Misc. Other Spending:

$103.99 for $115.46 worth of merchandise

Total Spent:
$241.08 for $1517.58 worth of product

Plus I'll receive 2, $25 Rite Aid Gift Cards. I didn't take these out of my drug store totals/rebates since they are store specific.

I also sold $145.00 worth of product (mostly stuff I bought at the drug stores) on e-bay and cashed in my lightspeed points (from taking surveys) to get $20.00 in my paypal account. I'm hoping to auction of two Alli products that I bought at Rite Aid to make at least $70.00. I'm not counting my paypal money, or any of the money I make selling on e-bay in my weekly or monthly totals as I plan on using it to pay off my student loans (and will keep a total of money paid on my loans separately).

And as a Reminder here's what I set as goals for the Month:
$150 for Groceries ($37.50 a week for the two of us)
$200 for misc other expenses ($50 a week for pet food, eating out, drug store purchases, gifts, etc. basically anything that isn't rent, subway pass, cell phone or any other monthly bill). I'm pretty pleased with how this month went. The rebates were definitely a big help in keeping my totals low.

Week In Review 1/24/10

Here are this weeks stats:

Drugstore/Super Store Totals:
Merchandise purchased this week: $279.76
Spent: $83.20
Rebates: $27.00
Total out of pocket minus Rebates: $56.20
Cumulative Percent Saved this month: 85%(probably this number is a little low since the rite aid purchases that are reimbursed a month later, therefore don't reflect immediate savings)
Note: I'm auctioning off some Alli on e-bay that I anticipate will generate more then $56.20, making this week a money maker. Plus I will also get 2, $25 Rite Aid gift cards from the purchase of the Alli.

Grocery Store:
Merchandise purchased this week: $39.36
Total out of pocket: $16.52
Cumulative Percent Saved this month: 62%

Misc. Other Spending:
(prescriptions without insurance, ouch and a meal out)
Cumulative Merchandise purchased this week: $53.79
Total out of pocket: $53.79
Cumulative Percent Saved so far this month: 32%

Weekly Total:

$126.51 for $372.91 Worth of Merchandise this Week