Monday, January 17

I've moved

I've finally bitten the bullet and decided to move to a self-hosted blog. If you weren't already automatically redirected please head on over to:

Thanks and I hope to see you there!

Sunday, August 29

No, I Don't Have a Baby...They're For My Sister

I mean my future niece/nephew (my sister doesn't wear pampers). My Rite Aid run today produced the following money making transactions:

Transaction One (my SCR acct)
1 Pampers 8.99
1 Bordreaux's Butt paste $3.99
1 Bufferin $6.99
1 Pantene Beautiful Lengths $4.00
1 Nivea for Men body wash $3.00

•1, $5.00 off $25.00
•1, $3.00 off Bufferin
•1, $2.00 off Bourdreaux
•1, $3.00 off Bourdreaux Ad Perks
•1, $1.00 off Nivea bodywash
•1, $2.00 off Pantene (8/29 P&G)
•1, $3.00 off pampers from home mailer
•2, $3.00 Up rewards from last week (yesterday)

$1.11 OOP ($0.14 was tax)

Received/Will Receive:
$4.00 in Up Rewards (1,$2.00 pantene & 1, $2.00 pampers)
$6.00 SCR from the bufferin

Transaction Two (mom's SCR account)
1 Pampers $8.99
1 Wipes $3.49 (rang up $2.79 with 20% discount)
1 Gain $0.89
1 Lint roller $1.00 (rang up $0.80 with 20% discount)
1 Nivea Lip $2.99 (rang up $2.39 with 20% discount)
1 Bufferin $6.99
1 Trident gum $1.29 (rang up $1.03 with discount)
1 Kit kat $1.59 (rang up $1.25 with discount)
1 Everlast energy shots $5.99 (rang up $4.79 with discount)

•1, $5.00 off $25.00
•1, $3.00 off pampers
•1, $2.00 off pampers from RA mom's rebate book
•1, $3.49 Buy pampers get free wipes (cashier entered pre-discount price)
•1, $1.00 Nivea Lip (sept all you)
•1, $3.00 Bufferin
•1, $10.00 Everlast supplement printable good through 12/31/10
•1, $1.00 gain (8/29 p&g)


Received/Will Receive:
$3.00 in Up Rewards (1,$1.00 nivea & 1, $2.00 pampers)
$6.00 SCR from the bufferin, $1.99 Nivea

Transaction Three (my SCR account)
4 Schick Hydro Razors (rain check $5.99 each)
1 Shick Hydro shave gel $3.49
1 Poster board lights $3.59

•1, $5.00 off $25.00
•4, $5.00 off schick hydro
•1, buy schick razor get free shave gel ($3.49)

$4.37 ($1.82 was tax)

Received/Will Receive:
$3.59 SCR from the poster board lights

Total spent Out of Pocket (OOP) for all 3 transactions (everything in the photo!):
$5.91!! Less then the cost of one razor! PLUS will get back $17.58 in SCRs for a Moneymaker of $11.67 And, I have $9.00 in UP rewards to use next trip!

Did you get paid to shop this week? Tell me about it!

Tuesday, August 24

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

It's been a while since I've received anything good enough to write home about. This week was definitely a good week. The above photo shows everything that's come in the mail over the past week or so.


•Baby Talk

•Free Dunkin Donuts cup o' joe for signing up for the Dunkin perks program
•Pampers mailer with 2, $3.00 off one package coupons, gonna save this for next week at Rite Aid
•P&G coupons, not super impressive values, but the $0.50 off bounty doubled at the grocery store might make for a free roll when there's a sale.

•Cheetos Zingers (came with a $1.00 off coupon)
•Better than Ears-missing from photo because the BB already ate it (came with $1.00 coupon)
•Gain liquid dish detergent-Wasn't sure if this one would come because I didn't think I was one of the first to sign up, but I must have made it in under the wire.
•3 full size Nature's Miracle products. Shampoo, Conditioner and deodorizing spray. This was a promotion run by the company where you try the product then right a review for their website. I'm thrilled to try this product because we use the Nature's Miracle cleaning product to clean up "pet spills" and always have an industrial size bottle on hand. We like the product so much I could be a spokesperson. We'll definitely be trying this product this weekend, and by "we" I mean I'll be trying it out on the BB. He on the other hand is not thrilled because the blow drying alone takes at least an hour and a half.

Sunday, August 22

Free Toliet Paper, Right on!

This week there were a slew of free and cheap items after rebate. To make the best use of all of them and score 4, 12packs of Cottonelle here's what I did:

Transaction 1:

1 Cottonelle $6.49
1 Cramp 911 $6.99
1 Chestal Honey Cough Syrup $7.99
1 Stopain $6.99


$5.00 on $25.00
$0.50 Cottonelle (some regions got $1.00, not me)
$1.00 Chestal Cough Syrup pdf printable


$21.96 OOP

Will get back $20.98 in SCRs!

Transaction 2:

1 Cottonelle $6.49
1 Cold calm $7.99
1 Kerasal $6.99
2 Joint Juice $5.99


$5.00 on $25.00
$1.00 Cold calm printable pdf
$1.00 Kerasal printable
$5.99 Joint Juice bogo

$14.61 OOP

Will get back 13.00 SCRs!

Transaction 3:

1 Arth arrest $14.99
1 Salonpas $5.49
1 Cottonelle $6.49

$5.00 on $25.00
$1.00 on 12pk of cottonelle from all you


20.97 OOP

Will get back $20.48 in SCRs!

Transaction 4:

1 Cottonelle $6.49
1 Cystex $6.99
1 Sinus Buster $8.99
1 Back aid $3.49
2 Snickers Marathon $1.49

$5.00 on $25.00
$0.50 Cottonelle


$20.46 OOP

Will get back $17.49 in SCRS, plus $5.00 SCR 10 and $5.00 SCR 148 for buying $25.00 of Cottonelle!

Total For all Four Transactions (Everything in photo plus 2, 12packs of TP that are missing from the photo) OOP was $78.00, Total SCRS is $81.95, for a money maker of $3.95!! That's right 48 rolls of TP and over $140.00 of product for Free, plus Rite aid paid me $3.95 to carry it out.

Monday, August 16

Rite Aid- Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming! Yes I know it's only August, but when you can snag great deals like this, it immediately makes me think of the upcoming Holiday season.

3 Transactions yielded the following:

2, $25.00 I tunes gift cards
2, Pantene hair sprays-Missing from photo
4, C. Booth bath products (these smell delicious and they are FREE with the $6.00 in ad coupon found in this week's flyer!! PLUS get a $2.00 SCR, a $2.00 moneymaker!)
2, Dickenson's Witch Hazel-One is missing from photo (look for the one's with Mail in rebates attached)
1, Complete Contact Solution ($7.99 SCR)
1, Tugaboo trial size diapers ($1.00 SCR plus a $1.00 coupon inside!)
4, Chewable Rolaids
2, Kit Kat bars (E "needed" these-notice one is already missing)

Total Paid After Coupons:

$32.52!! (remember the gift cards alone retail for $50.00)

Total After Rebates:

Plus...I got a $3.00 Up reward to use next time from the pantene hairspray!

I noticed that the I tunes cards are selling for approx. $20.00 to $26.00 (yes for a $25.00 card), so I might sell one to make my money back, making the second card and everything in the photo absolutely free!

The C.Booth products are very nice and would make a wonderful gift. Just add a little basket or tie them together with some cellophane and ribbon and you're good to go.

Tuesday, August 10

Back From Vacation

E, Little gray dog and I spent the week in Maine a few weeks back (thus no posts), but don't worry I was still shopping. It's a little hard to be motivated to shop when you're surrounded by such beautiful scenery. Now I just need a coupon for an ocean front estate...

Now it's back to the grind ugg

Friday, July 16

Do You Bzz?

A few months back I saw a little write up on a blog about being a BzzAgent. The concept/idea behind BzzAgent is that the marketing company receives a bunch of samples that they send out to members for free and in return the members will go out and share the samples with all their friends, creating a “buzz” (hopefully positive from the company's perspective) about the product. I signed up and hadn't really heard much from the site for a while (and honestly forgot I signed up). This morning I got an e-mail inviting me to participate in the Sebastian Professional Volupt System BzzCampaign. I filled out a short survey and then received the following e-mail:

"Greetings BzzAgent couponkari,

Thanks for joining the Sebastian Professional Volupt System BzzCampaign! Your BzzKit will be delivered within 21 days."

I'm not sure exactly what is being mailed to me, but I'm excited to try out a new product and give my opinion. Has anyone else done a BzzCampaign before? Do you Bzz?