Tuesday, May 18

Target Kashi Deal

I was hoping to snag 5 boxes of the Heart to heart crackers as that's what I had the highest value coupons for, but the shelves were pretty bare when I got there. So I ended up with:

1 box of heart to heart cereal $2.88
3 boxes of heart to heart crackers $2.84 each
1 box of peanut butter granola bars $2.79

3, $1.50 off heart to heart crackers or cereal
2, $1.00 off any kashi item


Got back a $5.00 gift card. I'm hoping they'll restock and I can do the deal again using the gift card and 5, $1.50 coupons for a total of $1.70 for 5 boxes of crackers and another $5.00 gift card.

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