Sunday, May 9

Rite Aid Money Maker!

I wish I had realized that the everlast vitamins were a monthly deal earlier. Unfortunately my Rite Aid only had 3 bottles so I couldn't do the deal twice. I did snag a raincheck, but the bogo pdf coupon is only good through the 11th I believe.

Here's what I got:

2 Everlast Vitamins $19.99 (bogo)
1 StyleScience Barbie sunglasses $7.99
1 Burt's Bees pedicure kit on clearance $6.49
1 Old Spice Deodorant $2.99

Coupons used:
1, $5.00 off $20.00 Value Video
1, $2.00 off Burt's Bees product (not lip) sticky on the lip balm I bought last trip
1, $10.00 off Style Science sunglasses VV
1, $19.99 Everlast (bogo coupon)

$1.34 OOP ($0.87 was tax)

Will get back $2.00 SCR on the sunglasses and $1.00 on the old spice for a $1.66 moneymaker!


  1. I was wondering if the Everlast coupon would work I think I will try this deal tomorrow. Did you try and use the $10.00 pdf with the BOGO deal? Great deal I love it!

  2. Hi JoDee,

    I used the bogo pdf that expires the 11th, but I'm sure you could use 2 of the $10.00 pdf coupons and the deal would work the same way. Depending on your Rite aid you might even make a penny of overage using the 2, $10.00 coupons :) Let us know what great deals you were able to snag!

  3. I missed the BOGO, by one day, since it's expired. How do you figure that they will accept 2 of the $10 off coupons when you are getting one for free? (I'm just wondering how to phrase it to the cashier if they fight both coupons.)

    Michelle from Ohio

  4. Hi Michelle,

    According to Rite Aid's corporate coupon policy, "When items are featured on a Buy One, Get One Free promotion, up to two coupons can be used against the items being purchased, as long as the net price does not go below zero for the item being purchased". I'd suggest that you print out a copy and bring it with you.

    If you google search "Rite Aid Coupon Policy" there are many other blogs that have copies of the policy available. Deal Seeking Mom has one here:

    I've never had a problem at my Rite Aid after I gave them a copy of their own policy:) Let us know how it goes!

  5. Hello again!

    After printing the $10 off coupons I arrived at our local Rite-Aid only to find out that they don't have a GNC area. However, the Rite-Aid another 5 miles away does so I went there. They have the largest GNC product line in the area and they didn't have the Everlast brand. So the deal was a bust for me and coupons went unused.
    Some days a good deal just isn't meant to be.

    Thanks for the information anyway.

    Michelle from Ohio