Sunday, May 16

Rite Aid Bucket o' Stuff

Yesterday I headed to Rite Aid to make use of the Everlast Vitamin deal one more time before the deal ended (5/15). I had another deal scenerio set up just in case my local store hadn't replenished their vitamin stock. Luckily they had, so I did two transactions. Only one is shown below, but I'll tell you about both.

First Transaction:


1 Oval Party Tub $5.99 (I have two friends buying their first homes so I plan on filling these with a bunch of the cleaning/home supplies that I get for free, I thought they'd make cute little gifts, stay tuned for photos)
3 Rolls of Bounty Basic $.99 each
2 Packages of TGIF potato skins chips $.99 each
1 Old Spice Fresh deodorant $5.49
1 Old Spice swagger body wash $2.99
2 Packages of Benevia nutrition drink $8.99 bogo

1, $5.00 off 20 value video
3, $1.00 off bounty from the P&G coupon book
2, $1.50 off TGIF snacks
1, $1.00 off two Old Spice
1, Buy body wash get deodorant free $5.49
2, $3.00 off Benevia man cpn
2, $2.00 off Benevia RA Value Video (one for strength one for energy variety)


$1.53 OOP ($0.66 was tax) Plus I'll get back $1.00 SCR on the body Wash making my true OOP just $0.53! Less than the cost of tax woo hoo. Would have been slightly less, but the cashier forgot to scan my Rite Aid card.

Transaction Two:


2 Everlast Vitamins $19.99 bogo
1 Party tub rang $5.39 because of the Rite Aid 10% wellness discount

1, bogo Everlast vitamin $19.99
1, $5.00 off $20.00 Rite aid value video



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