Saturday, May 1

Saturday ShopRite Snags

Today I ran to ShopRite after stopping by Rite Aid and PetCo/Petsmart. I was pretty pleased with myself when I picked up everything in the photo for just $5.97!

What's even better is I got a Catalina for $3.00 off any beef or chicken purchase for purchasing 6 old El Paso products (This cat is National I believe, check your local store!). The taco shells and seasoning were all on sale (I believe $1.40 for the shells and $0.67 for the seasoning) and I used the $.60 off two products (which doubled to $1.20!).

Marcal TP was $0.99 a roll and I used the Marcel for free coupon
Sargento reduced sodium cheese was just $1.49- free after a $0.75 coupon doubled (
Malt o Meal cereal was $0.49 each after a doubled $.75 coupon (
Wacky Mac, free after a doubled $0.50 coupon

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  1. Yum! Looks like you did great! I am a follower and would love it if you came and followed me!