Saturday, June 5

I'm Still Around and Still Shopping

Took a little break from posting (not shopping), because I've been so busy with work. Isn't it horrible when your job takes away time from your hobby? But I've still been managing to get a few great deals. Last week I was able to snag the Olay products at Rite Aid for a money maker and today I made trips to ShopRite, CVS, and Rite Aid.

Below's a photo of everything I picked up a ShopRite My receipt reads as follows:

Total On Sale Savings $33.36
PPC & Mfr Coupons $55.71 (yes that's right I had $55.71 in coupons!)
Total Savings Today $95.27!!

With coupons each of the following items were FREE:

pasta (5 boxes)
Chevre goat cheese, yum! ($5.49)
Kitten chow (I'll be donating this since we don't have a kitten)

Under 50 cents:

Reynold's recycled foil
Muir Glen organic pasta sauce
Wheatable Crackers (4 boxes) These has bogo peelies, score!
Wise ridges chips
Blue Bunny ice cream cones (like drumstick)
Al Fresco chicken sausages (5 packages). These retail $4.49 a package!

Under $1.00

everything else in the photo (except olive oil and cereal-full price, E had to have it ugg). I'm especially excited to try the "food should taste good" olive tortilla chips. They retail for $2.66 and I got them for just $0.66 a bag.

Total paid $11.34 for everything in the photo!


  1. Even though you don't have a kitten, your kittycat found the chow and is thinking about having some! haha

  2. Yes indeed, if there is food around, they will find it and eat it. I have to be really careful not to leave any sort of plastic around because the bigger of the two LOVES to chew on (and swallow) anything plastic. Plastic shopping bags, bread bags, if it's plastic and he can ingest it, he will. Never had another cat do that, very strange... we feed them, I swear ;-)

  3. wish there was a ShopRite near me :( bcause these ae great deals!

  4. PS know what u mean about the work thing, but kudos to u for making it out to ur hobby after work!