Thursday, May 6

Shop Rite ConAgra Catalina Deal

Cindy over at alerted her readers to a wonderful unadvertised catalina deal at ShopRite this week.

The advertised deal is: Buy 10 selected ConAgra products get a $3.00 catalina. The unadvertised deal is that a $5.00 on your next shopping order (5/23-5/29) also prints.

I was lucky to have a training during the day today, so I worked 9-5 and headed over to ShopRite after work. I bought everything in the photo (two transactions of ten items a piece, plus two free chocolate milks) for $16.32. Plus I got back $13.00 in Catalinas making my total just $3.32! I plan to go back tomorrow or Saturday to do several more transactions like this:

Buy 10 products at $1.00 a piece= $10.00
Minus one $3.00 catalina= $7.00
Get back $8.00 in catalinas (one, $3.00 and one, $5.00) $1.00 moneymaker per transaction!

My transactions today were a little higher because the popcorn was $1.59, not $1.00. If I do three more transactions my OOP will be $37.32 and I'll have $28.00 in Cats to use on future grocery transactions making my total just $9.32 for 50 grocery items that retail for about $65.00! And what's even better is I just got a postcard in the mail stating that my local post office/letter carrier is participating in the national food drive this Saturday, so I won't even have to drive anywhere to drop everything off!

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  1. Great deals!
    I only did the deal once, but I was tempted!