Tuesday, May 4

I heart Pet Smart!

Here's why...The cashiers are always so friendly and pleasant and excited when I get a good deal. Unlike some of the cashiers at other stores (who will remain nameless), who sigh and huff and puff when I present a stack of coupons, pet smart's cashiers are always kind and considerate and never raise a fuss when I give them coupons. I also love that the Pet Smart closest to me gives overage on coupons. I purchased 25, $3.00 off any size pro plan coupons specifically to use for the following transaction:

1 15 pound bag of Blue Buffalo dog food $27.99 (yes, I'm well aware that my dog eats better than children in many developing countries)
11 pouches of pro plan dog food at $0.99 a piece (all of this will be donated to our local humane society)


1, $5.00 off blue buffalo snail mail coupon from the website
11, $3.00 off any size pro plan

$3.60 ($2.72 of which was tax!).

I'll be headed back this coming weekend to pick up a big bag of cat food and possibly some treats to donate with the food. A win/win for both me and my local shelter.

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