Monday, March 22

Target=Cheap cheap Christmas Donations and Free Air Fresheners

How happy was I when my buy 2 get 1 free (hasboro card game) coupon took the price of my monopoly game, $7.00 instead of my monopoly card game $5.54? Super happy. The cashier didn't even have to put in the price, some how the coupon just automatically took off $7.00. Sure it's only a little difference, but it's enough difference that I'll go back later in the week to grab another game to put aside for Christmas toy donations.

4 Airwick Air I-motion air fresheners @ $6.00 a piece
3 Hasboro card games @ $5.54 a piece
1 Monopoly board game, $7.00


1, B2G1 free hasboro card games
4, $5.00 off Airwick manufacturers
4, $1.00 off Airwick target (old style coupons, print as many as you want)


Nothing! I had a target gift card. OOP would have been $3.15 ($1.53 of that was sales tax on $43.62 worth of merchandise!) The bottom of my receipt says I saved $82.35 (non-sale prices), SCORE!

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