Monday, March 29

Who Said You Can't Coupon Shop at the Mall?

Here's proof that you can go to the mall and "shop" and not spend anything. Sunday E and I headed to the local mall to pick up a free pair of cotton undies and a free piece of Godiva Chocolate.

The Godiva is for being part of the Godiva Rewards club (just scan your card, similar to a cvs/grocery card) and pick a free piece from the case each month!

The undies were part of a VS mailing. I do have a VS credit card from years ago that I no longer use, but I'm pretty sure this mailing was because I'm a member of their "Pink club". When I think about it now, I could shoot myself in the foot for all the expensive underwear I use to buy. $10 bucks a pair, no more! I'll stick to my cotton freebies!

Amount spent OOP $ZERO!

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