Thursday, March 25

Rite Aid 20pack of TP for just $0.96!

I hate paying for toilet paper and paper towel. Something just rubs me the wrong way about paying for something I'm not even "enjoying". A few months back I was able to score some super cheap TP at CVS, this time I was able to score some at Rite Aid.


1 Cottonelle 20pk $10.99
1 Renu tavel kit $0.99
2 Reeses PB cup $0.50 each
2 Ester C $8.59 each
1 J&J Baby Powder $2.99

1, $5.00 off $20 VV
2, $.55 off Reeses
1, $1.00 off J&J VV
1, $1.00 off J&J man
1, $1.00 off renu
2, $5.00 off Ester C


$2.96 OOP, Will get back $2.00 SCR on the Cottonelle making everything above cost just $0.96! How's that for cheap TP?

2nd Transaction also in photo

2 Renpure at $6.99 BOGO
1 Efferdent rain check $5.99
1 J&J baby shampoo $2.99

I can't find my receipt right now, but I'll up-date with details when/if I can find it (luckily I already submitted the SCRs online)

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