Thursday, March 11

Target Free Deodorant and Kids Toothpaste/brushes & Cheap Games

I was at Target this weekend (which can be a nightmare depending on the cashier I get)to pick a a few of those cheap card games that everybody keeps talking about. Fortunately I got a young cashier that was about to leave for the night and pushed all of my coupons through without evening looking at them. I figured I'd try to use the $3.00 off P&G coupon with the small gillette clinical strength deodorants and she pushed them through without even batting an eyelash. Would they normally work? I'm not sure, the coupon says excludes trial size, but the deodorants aren't in the travel size section, they are with the body washes? In any case... here's what I got:

1 Dove Soap bonus pack $3.99
2 Gillette clinical at $1.79 each
2 Crest kids toothpaste at $1.49 each
2 Crest kids toothbrushes at $1.69 each
1 Monopoly card game $5.54
1 scrabble slam card game $5.54
3 pictureka card games $5.54 each
1 Hostess Ding dongs (guess who wanted these) $3.04

1, $1.25 off dove printable
2, $3.00 off gillette clinical deodorant
2, $1.00 off crest toothpaste for kids
2, $1.00 off crest toothbrush for kids
4, $1.00 target printables for kids toothcare
3, $5.00 off pictureka printables
2, $4.00 off scrabble or monopoly

Total $7.74 (paid with $2.93 on a Target giftcard) So, $4.81 OOP! Saved $39.51! Not too shabby since the Ding dongs were $3.04 (of course I didn't have a coupon and E had to have them).

All the games will probably be saved for the toy drive this Christmas.

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