Sunday, March 28

$28.92 spent, $96.32 worth of Groceries!

People who say you should shop around for the best grocery deals are definitely right. We recently found that our local A&P (the smaller of the two in our area) has excellent markdowns on meat and baked goods on Sunday afternoon/evening. Last week I got a whole organic chicken for $7.00! This week I got a pound and a half of individually packaged chicken breast for $4.00, a huge Focaccia bread with roasted veggies for $2.00, a package of fried chicken for E's lunch $2.00 and a 12 pack of jumbo glazed donuts for $1.50.

After A&P we headed to ShopRite to get...
Heinz mustard and brown mustard
4 free boxes of Ronzonni pasta
3 free packages of Carolina rice
1 package of free Halls cough drops

Super Cheap:

4 packages of Sargento cheese ($0.49 a piece)
2 Tropicanna OJ ($0.75 each) using a bogo coupon and a $1.00 coupon
and 3, 7lb bags of Worlds best cat litter $6.99 each (used 3, $5.00 coupons) Not shown in photo

Strawberries $1.99
Asparagus $1.99 a pound
hazel nuts ($3.49 ouch!)

Total of both trips was $28.92, not too bad since I got meat and cheese and juice that all would have been pricey without discounts/coupons. Without coupons I would have spent $96.32, can you imagine spending $100 bucks for groceries for two people?

Disregard the shih tzu in the photo thinking "If I go in for the kill real quick, mom won't notice I'm eating her dinner".

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