Saturday, March 27

Walmart $39.13 for $1.27! Free Golf Gifts for Father's Day!

I recently had a 2 hour conversation with my mother about all of my coupon shopping and all the great deals I've been getting recently. We hung up and about 3 minutes later I got another call from my step-dad. The conversation went something like this...

Dad:"Hi,how are things going?"
Me: "Oh pretty good, just hanging in there"
Dad: "How's the new job going?"
Me: "Stressful, but good."
Dad "So I've been thinking about your coupons and do you ever get coupons on stuff or car stuff?"
Me: "Umm, to be honest I don't really look for that stuff, but I could check to see if there are any sales somewhere, or maybe a rebate?"
Dad: "Alright, well if you find anything let me know"

So, this trip is for him!


3 Veet hair removers @ $2.00 each (mostly for the overage with my $3 coupon)
3 Callaway golf towels on clearance for $1.00 each! (scan them, they were marked $2.00) (reg. $15.00 each!)
2 boxes of golf balls on clearance for $2.00 each (scan them, they were marked $7.00)!
4 Old spice travel size body wash $0.97 each
1 Hungry hungry hippos game on clearance for $4.00!
2 packages of kotex liners @ $1.00 each
1 box of kashi cereal $3.29
2 bags of Reese eggs $2.75 each
1 bag of Robbin eggs $2.00
1 Cetaphil face lotion $5.47
Total before coupons= $39.13

3, $3.00 on veet printable coupons
1, $5.00 on cetaphil printable (no longer available)
2, $3.00 on 2 old spice body washes
1, $4.00 on hungry hungry hippos game printable
1, Free box of kashi from vocal point
2, $1.00 on any kotex product from samples in the mail

Out of pocket=$1.27!! I was so thrilled I almost did a little happy dance. I had to add two bags of candy to my order because my subtotal was negative! I've never had that happen before. I wish I had done a total beforehand (I would have bought something more useful then candy with my overage). The man behind me in line was amazed. It was a good day, and yes I can get good deals on golf stuff:)

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