Tuesday, February 16

Target Money Maker

So I headed to Target this weekend to do the Olay body wash/Venus razor deal. I planned to buy 3 Venus razors and 1 fusion razor then use 3, buy a venus get an olay body wash coupons, plus 3, $2.00 off a venus and 1, $4.00 off fusion razor. In theory I would have gotten 3, $5.00 Target gift cards and then would have submitted for the $15.00 olay rebate.

But there were no fusion razors (well there was one that was $4.99, but the scanner did not recognize it as Target merchandise, weird!). So I bought everything as planned thinking maybe I could convince the cashier to give me the gift card since all of the $6.99 fusions were gone. Umm...no. But he did push through the $2.00 off each of the venus razors. I bought the "wrong" body washes that didn't trigger the $5.00 gift card (always, always scan before you buy, I'm not sure what I was thinking). So I ended up only getting one $5.00 target giftcard. I took back the body wash the next day and got the correct washes to trigger the card.

Long Story short, I paid $3.85 for everything in the photo PLUS got a $5.00 Target gift cards. I'll submit for the Olay rebate making this deal a $16.15 Money Maker!

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