Monday, February 1

Month In Review

Here's where I came in for the month of January:

All applicable rebates have been deducted from these totals

Drug Store Spending:

$23.72 for $1104.33 worth of merchandise

Grocery Store Spending:

103.37 for $297.79 worth of merchandise

Misc. Other Spending:

$103.99 for $115.46 worth of merchandise

Total Spent:
$241.08 for $1517.58 worth of product

Plus I'll receive 2, $25 Rite Aid Gift Cards. I didn't take these out of my drug store totals/rebates since they are store specific.

I also sold $145.00 worth of product (mostly stuff I bought at the drug stores) on e-bay and cashed in my lightspeed points (from taking surveys) to get $20.00 in my paypal account. I'm hoping to auction of two Alli products that I bought at Rite Aid to make at least $70.00. I'm not counting my paypal money, or any of the money I make selling on e-bay in my weekly or monthly totals as I plan on using it to pay off my student loans (and will keep a total of money paid on my loans separately).

And as a Reminder here's what I set as goals for the Month:
$150 for Groceries ($37.50 a week for the two of us)
$200 for misc other expenses ($50 a week for pet food, eating out, drug store purchases, gifts, etc. basically anything that isn't rent, subway pass, cell phone or any other monthly bill). I'm pretty pleased with how this month went. The rebates were definitely a big help in keeping my totals low.

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