Sunday, February 14

More Men's Stuff-CVS

Since I didn't make it to CVS/Rite Aid until today (sat) this week's sales are over I'm just going to post my OOP, not all the coupons used.

Paid $0.45 cents! (paid with $12 ECBS and my subtotal was negative! Score)
Got back $4.00 ECB on the fusion and $1.00 ECB on the deodorant Plus I'll submit the MIR on the Schick quattro to get back the $8.99 I paid.

Next transaction was:

$0.00 out of Pocket (yes...FREE). The cashier adjusted my ECB down and let me use it to pay for tax! Big time Score. I think this happened because the cashier totaled everything and then I presented my ECBS. Typically I hand over coupons and then ECBS right after. I think from now on I'll try waiting and keep the ECBS in my wallet to use like cash.

Got back $3.00 ECB on the Crackers, $4.00 ECB on the floss, and $1.00 on the deodorant

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