Sunday, February 7

Reasons You Should Check your Reciepts and Products

before leaving the store...

1. You won't get charged for two frozen pizzas when you in fact purchased one.
2. You won't return home from Rite Aid to take photos of the KY intense gel that you planned to auction on e-bay to find that the package was in fact opened, and the product is missing.

Ugg...I noticed the pizza right away, and went back to the customer service desk (strangely she asked me to bring out the pizza...umm your cashier charged me for two but gave me one, what am I suppose to show you, the pizza you never gave me??)

But in all honesty never thought to check the KY box to make sure the gel was actually in the packaging. When I got home I noticed the box was a little bent on the bottom. Upon closer inspection, the seal was broken and the product was missing. Note to self, stop going to the Sketchy Rite Aid, where people steal things. Perhaps those folks need a lesson on coupons so they can legally "steal" goods and keep their dirty little mitts off my coupon deals.

Hopefully when I return to Rite Aid they will be understanding, I would imagine they know the demographics of people that shop at that location and won't think I'm trying to scam them, but lately Rite Aid has really hassled me with coupons (insisting that value video coupons are manufacturers coupons and not letting me stack without a fight). Cross your fingers for me

The empty box was returned tonight and I actually received the product I paid for without any problems.

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