Wednesday, February 17

CVS 2/17, More toothpaste- Saved $30.23!

I may never have to buy toothpaste again. Hopefully there's no expiration date, because I have about 10 stocked up now. Here are the numbers...


2 Crest Rinses: $7.98 (they didn't have the pro health but a very nice cashier let me buy the regular rinses priced at 2 for $7.98 and printed me 2, $4.00 ECBS, Thank you!)
1 Aussie Conditioner $2.99
1 Colgate Advanced $2.99
1 Gillette custom plus razors 10ct $6.49
1 Gillette aftershave on clearance $1.64

Coupons Used:

2, $2.00 off crest rinse
1, $1.00 off aussie product 2/14 RP
1, $1.00 off colgate January All you
1, $3.00 off Gilette custom plus
and $12.98 in ECBS

Total OOP:

$1.66 ($1.55 was 7% sales tax)

Got back:
$8ecb from the crest rinses, $2.00 from the Aussie, $2.00 from the colgate, $2.00 from the gillette


  1. Toothpaste does expire as well as mouthwash. If you have too many which to me it sounds like you do, a homeless shelter or a church could used them for the less fortuante, that's what I do.

  2. Thanks Lori, that's a very good idea. I'm actually a social worker in a transitional shelter for homeless women with mental illnesses, so a lot of my extras that don't get shipped to family end up going to work with me.