Saturday, February 20

Holy Free Laundry Detergent, Batman!

So I headed over to Babies R Us to see if I could score any deals with the Method Organic laundry detergent (no luck). Some folks were lucky enough to print the $5.00 off coupon before it turned into a $2.00 coupon...I was not one of them

So I looked at all the detergent and saw nothing. Then I turned the corner to the end cap and low and behold, hidden among a bunch of preggie pops and method hand soap... Arm and Hammer Essentials dye free, perfume free laundry detergent marked $2.98!!!

I grabbed two bottles (the only two on the shelf) and raced to the price scanner, just to be sure. Sure enough, $2.98 per bottle, or Absolutely FREE, with the $3.00 off any brand laundry detergent coupon from the Babies R Us flyer (coupon expired today, but there was one in last week's flyer, and hopefully next week's too)

I gave the coupon to the cashier, who remarked on what a good deal it was, just $0.42 (all tax) for 52 loads worth of laundry soap. First free terra chips and now free laundry detergent. Babies R Us is quickly becoming one of my favorite coupon hot spots!

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