Saturday, April 24

Saturday Savings

Here's a peak at how I spent my afternoon.

2 Merona Bags on clerance for $5.00 a piece
2 pairs of St. Paddy's day themed boxers $3.50 a piece
Minus 2, $5.00 off Merona Men's apparel coupons and 2, $5.00 off Merona handbag coupons
= $1.00 for EVERYTHING! score!

Rite Aid

2 Everlast vitamins $19.99 bogo
1 Dove soap 4pk $4.99
1 Burt's Bees lip balm (I'm addicted to these) $2.99
1 Kotex tampons $3.49
Minus 1, bogo everlast printable pdf, 1, $1.00 off kotex, 1, $2.00 off cosmetics RA wellness, 1, $2.00 off vitamins RA wellness
= 1.54 OOP and will get back $3.49 SCR on the kotex for a $1.95 Money Maker!

Trip to the mall

Aeropostale Earrings 3pk $10.50 minus $10.00 off any purchase printable=$0.54. The young male cashier looked at the earrings, rang them in and then said, "yeah right on" as he scanned the coupon. I just smiled, and thought to myself, man when did I get so old?, I swear I was the only non-teen in the store.

After Aeropostale we headed to Godiva to snag a free piece of chocolate, gotta love that chocolate club! Probably my favorite key chain scan card.

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