Monday, April 26

Rite Aid $6.58 Money Maker!

I love my local Rite Aids (well two of them at least). I have to admit when I first started couponing it was a struggle with the locations closest to me. But now that we have a better working relationship and they have a copy of the coupon policy, I almost never have problems using coupons anymore.

Here's what I got last trip:

1 bag of sunchips $2.79
1 burt's bees chapstick $2.99
2 listerine mouthwashes (hoping E likes these, I wanted to get the regular wash but they weren't included in the sale and rang up regular price) $6.00
1 Dove conditioner $3.00
1 Dove hair spray $3.00
1 Aveeno lotion (the other two were separate transactions but I'm including their prices here) $3.69, $3.69, $3.49 (not sure why stores less than a mile apart have a $0.20 price difference, but this happens a lot)
1 bag of cadbury mini eggs on clearance for $0.39
1 Vitamin water $1.25

1, $5.00 off $20 VV
1, Free vitamin water
1, Free sunchips
1, $2.50 off 2 dove products
2, $1.00 off smart rinse
3, $2.00 off RA in ad aveeno
3, $1.00 off aveeno printable
1, $2.00 off RA wellness cosmetic
1, $1.00 off RA wellness seasonal product (mini eggs)

Total of three transactions:
$4.42 ($0.67 was tax)

$3.00 Listerine, $3.00 dove, $5.00 aveeno for a $6.58 MoneyMaker! Even the young male cashier was impressed, and and usually takes a lot of savings for young male cashiers to take notice!

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