Saturday, April 17

Pet Smart Savings!

The regular Petsmart we go to didn't have the milkbone chews, so we tried another one nearby and sure enough...

6 bags of chews at $1.99 minus 11.00 in coupons (I only had 5, $2.00 coupons and 1, $1.00 coupon). Pet smart does give overage, at least the ones by me do, so I ended up paying just $1.78 ($0.84 of which was tax) for 6 large bags of chews! They regularly retail for $5.99!

My "regular" store had Pro Plan trial size pouches of food for just $0.99 so I picked up two pouches to add to my pet food donation pile and used 2, $3.00 coupons to score 3 cans of Organix canned food our our poochie pooh (regularly $2.49 a can) and the two pouches of dry food for just $0.90! I swear our pets eat better than we do, but they are worth it.


  1. Just wondering what your "regular" store is. I can't find this trial packs anywhere.



  2. My "regular" store is the store in Seacaucus. I've used coupons there many times and the manager I always come in contact with on the weekends is really great.