Tuesday, April 6

Mailbox Monday, a Little Late

Yesterday was a good mailbox Monday. I always look forward to seeing what samples and rebates will arrive in the mail after the weekend. Here’s what arrived:

1 Physician’s formula rebate (from the bamboo compact) $6.95

1 Heineken $5.00 rebate (this is a no beer purchase required rebate, search NBPR on e-bay to find a ton of these) They’ve really been a great moneymaker for me because I submit receipts on groceries that I have to buy anyway.

1 check from taking surveys for opinion outpost, yes survey sites do really pay! $20.80

1 $25.00 check from my credit card company. I think people who tell you never to use your credit card are nuts. I think of my credit cards as cash. I use them to buy what I need and what I would have bought with cash. Then I pay them off in full at the end of the month. I get rewards on one card and cash back on another. It’s like an interest free 30 day loan that makes me money. If you're an overspender I understand why you'd want to use cash, but most couponers are pretty disciplined, so why not get paid to shop with you credit card?

1 Package of puffs tissues and a bunch of coupons from vocal point

1 Package of Wrigley’s react 5 gum

This month’s Car and Driver for E (we get about 5 subscriptions to various mags for free, keep an eye out for these offers because they come and go fast!)

50 City Saver business cards for when I’m at the store and someone says “wow, how’d you do that?” Only $1.00 for these cute little cards, thanks to a Hip2Save deal posted last week.

How’d you do this Mailbox Monday?

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