Monday, April 26

CVS= Free food and Sunblock

Today I headed over to CVS to snag some of the sunscreen that's on sale. I was a little worried since it was an unadvertised deal (so I thought). But when I arrived my cvs actually had a tag on the shelf clearing stating that the 2oz size that retails for $2.19 IS included in the buy 2, get $5ECB!

Here's what I bought:
2 boxes of wheat thins $1.00 each
2 boxes of fig newtons yum! $1.00 each (just noticed both are 8oz boxes and one is bigger then the other one, weird)
1 Schick Hydro 5 $8.97
2 2oz bottles of cvs 30spf sunblock $2.19 each
2 Oral B advantage toothbrushes $2.99 each

2, $1.00 off wheat thins (facebook cpn)
2, $1.00 off fig newtons (facebook cpn)
1, BOGO oral B (2.99)
1, $2.00 off oral b advantage


paid with 11.00 in ECB making my total just $1.69($1.35 was tax, boo!) Got back $13.00 ECBS for next time


  1. were you able to get the schick hydro razor with the $3 disposable razor coupon?

  2. Anon,

    Yes, I was. I asked the cashier if it would be OK to use the coupon and she said as long as the register didn't beep it would be OK because the manufacturer coded the coupon to the item. Sure enough it scanned without a beep so I was able to get the razor for free after coupon and ECB.

  3. My newts were the same way! I laughed when I saw your picture. I, as well, was nervous about the Sunblock. My store didn't have a sign under that size, but since I knew it was working for others, I took my chances - and it worked! Happy Accidents. :)