Monday, July 12

Rite Aid Deals 7/11, $2.25 MoneyMaker

This week's Rite Aid deals weren't as great as the past couple weeks, but I was still able to come out ahead.


1 Coppertone Sunscreen $8.99 (counts towards the $25.00 skincare giftcard)
2 Suave Professionals
1 J&J non-stick pads $3.99, rang up $3.59 with Wellness discount
1 Crest with Scope $2.69
1 Crest 3D white $2.99
1 Tampax $2.99


$5.00 off $20 RA
$3.00 Coppertone Value Video
$2.00 Coppertone In ad
$1.00 Coppertone printable from company's site
$2.00 J&J nonstick pad printable (these had $1.00 peelies)
$2.00 J&J in ad
$1.00 Crest 3D (from a mailer, or use the RP 6/27)
$1.00 Tampax from the 7/4 P&G
$2.00 Get a free Suave product, from a mailer


$6.46 OOP (1.21 was sales tax)-$2.25 Money Maker after Up+and SCRs below. If I was paying attention I would have paid with Up+ rewards from last week, but I was holding out hoping the next Rite Aid I went to would have the Neutrogena clinical box set...they didn't, so I'm crossing my fingers I'll be able to snag one on Wednesday when they get them back in stock.

Got back:

$1.00 Suave UP+, $1.00 Coppertone Up+, $1.00 J&J Up+


$2.00 crest, $2.69 crest, $1.00 tampax

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