Monday, July 12

CVS, Finally a Good Week!

CVS has been sort of dead for a while. I haven't been able to roll my ECBs and I've been waiting for something worth spending on. Last week I picked up some Starbucks, but really that was the only thing worth buying.

Please excuse this terrible photo!


2 John Frieda $10.00
1 Complete contact solution $7.99
1 Papermate pens $0.99
1 Scissors $0.99
2 Bio True contact $2.99 each


2, $10.00 ECBs
2, $2.00 off John Frieda (I used my $3.00 cpns at Rite Aid last week)
1, $2.00 off complete


$1.07 (my subtotal was negative 5 cents!, hand the ECBS first so the coupons will deduct tax).

Got back:

$5.00 John Frieda, $0.99 pens, $0.99 scissors, $7.99 complete, $5.98 bio true, not to bad of a trip! I may never have to buy shampoo again.


  1. Did you notice that the John Frieda deal isn't limit one? I'm going back tomorrow :) heehee Nice job on the freebies!

  2. Hey Toni, I just heard about the John Frieda and headed back for another transaction. I love all the John Frieda deals lately!