Thursday, July 8

Free Sobe at CVS

Above a photo of the Sobes I was able to snag this weekend (3 stores, I didn't wipe out anyone). All of them were FREE, I just paid sales tax, no coupon problems, not hassles. Gotta love CVS!

Have you been able to pick up your Free Sobe yet? This weekend I picked up 8 Sobe waters on sale BOGO at CVS. I used the BOGO Sobe Coupons I got playing the Sobe game here The coupons were even coded so that the cashier didn't have to enter the price (I love it when this happens).

8 Sobes BOGO
4 BOGO Coupons
= 8 Free Sobes (I just paid tax)

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  1. hi Kari, thanks got a free Sobe coupon!
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