Tuesday, June 15

I Heart Hood!

Being a New England girl, I've always loved Hood dairy products. Growing up we had a Collie named Morgan who loved Hoodsie cups (for those of you who aren't familiar they are little cups with half vanilla and half chocolate icecream, not swirled, literally half of the cup is chocolate and half vanilla. They touch but are not mixed). To eat one you must unwrap the wooden "spoon" and peel back the paper "lid". Summer just isn't summer without at least one Hoodsie cup.

Recently, I "Liked" Hood dairy on facebook and signed up for a free milk coupon. Yesterday I received a letter from Hood stating that my state doesn't allow free coupons. Inside the letter was a coupon for a chocolate milkshake (apparently milkshake isn't milk?) and a check for $5.00!! You read that right, Hood sent me a check for $5.00! I certainly would have been pleased with the milkshake coupon alone, but the check was above and beyond my expectations.

Just another reason to love Hood Dairy!

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