Monday, June 28

Rite Aid John Frieda Money Maker

This weekend I persuaded E to make several Rite Aid runs with me. Here's what the transactions looked like:


4 John Frieda Root Awakening Products

1, $5.00 off $20.00
1, $1.00 off $10.00 hair care wellness
4, $3.00 off John Frieda Root Awakening (bought $20 for $1.99 on ebay last week)

Paid with a $2.00 UP reward from buying Colgate last week
OOP was $ZERO! tax was $0.98
The pringles are in there because E had to have them and I had one $3.00 Up that I needed to use because I ran out of $2.00 rewards. They were $1.50 ekk

Got back $10 Up Reward on each transaction

Rinse and Repeat 5 times- for a money maker of $45.00!

We went to different stores so we wouldn't wipe out any one store's stock. We do actually use this shampoo/conditioner and now will be fully stocked for the rest of the year. I have Rubbermaid containers (a little larger then shoe box size) that I put all of my alike products for shampoo, one for toothpaste etc. To keep myself from going overboard and buying quantities too large for us to use, I give away and donate any products that can't fit in the containers. This week several toothbrushes, bodywashes and shampoos made their way to our local men's shelter.

Side note:
Word on the street is that Rite Aid will now be coding all of it's $5.00 off $20.00 coupons and tying them to the new wellness card. I'm going to check with my local store this week as I had previously asked them about the coupon and they said there was no limit to the number I could use. I shop for my grandma, so it looks like I might need to sign her up for a separate card and videos account and watch the videos twice, bummer, but you know what they say about deals that are too good to be true!

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