Saturday, June 26

Rite Aid's Back on My Good Side

After a few frustrating Rite Aid trips, I'm happy to say that Rite aid is back on my good side after this week's hassle free transactions.


5 Puffs with Lotion @ $0.99 each
1 Zegrid 14 ct $11.99 rang up $10.79 after wellness discount
(is Wellness throwing off your totals too?)
1 Colgate toothpaste $2.99
1 Everlast Energy shot 2pk $5.39 after Wellness
4 Reeses PB cups @ $0.88 each bogo (yes one is missing from the shot..hmm where could that have gone ;)


1, $5.00 off $20 RA
1, $3.00 off Zegrid RA
1, $4.00 off Zegred Man
1, $1.00 off Colgate
1, $10.00 off Everlast RA pdf valid through 12/31!
5, $0.50 off puffs with lotion vocal point mailer


$0.38 woo hoo

Got back $2.00 from the colgate and will submit for the Zegrid rebate for a $12.41 Moneymaker!

The wellness discounts are really throwing off my totals, I had figured the total out before checking out and thought I was A-OK, as I was watching the cashier scan the coupons I noticed that I had a negative subtotal. I quickly grabbed another two candy bars to "solve" the "problem". The cashier was very nice this time and I didn't have any problems with their acceptance of my coupons.

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