Monday, August 16

Rite Aid- Christmas is Coming!

Christmas is coming! Yes I know it's only August, but when you can snag great deals like this, it immediately makes me think of the upcoming Holiday season.

3 Transactions yielded the following:

2, $25.00 I tunes gift cards
2, Pantene hair sprays-Missing from photo
4, C. Booth bath products (these smell delicious and they are FREE with the $6.00 in ad coupon found in this week's flyer!! PLUS get a $2.00 SCR, a $2.00 moneymaker!)
2, Dickenson's Witch Hazel-One is missing from photo (look for the one's with Mail in rebates attached)
1, Complete Contact Solution ($7.99 SCR)
1, Tugaboo trial size diapers ($1.00 SCR plus a $1.00 coupon inside!)
4, Chewable Rolaids
2, Kit Kat bars (E "needed" these-notice one is already missing)

Total Paid After Coupons:

$32.52!! (remember the gift cards alone retail for $50.00)

Total After Rebates:

Plus...I got a $3.00 Up reward to use next time from the pantene hairspray!

I noticed that the I tunes cards are selling for approx. $20.00 to $26.00 (yes for a $25.00 card), so I might sell one to make my money back, making the second card and everything in the photo absolutely free!

The C.Booth products are very nice and would make a wonderful gift. Just add a little basket or tie them together with some cellophane and ribbon and you're good to go.


  1. Would you mind listing out your transactions so I can see what you did? I'm new to shopping at Rite Aid and would like to learn the best methods. Thanks!

  2. I got the C. Booth products in anticipation of Christmas too! However, none of mine qualified for the SCR or the UP Rewards.

  3. Julianna, I apologize, for some reason your comment didn't get forwarded to my e-mail and I just saw it now. This week's transactions will be broken down for easier reference :)

    Rachel, I did qualify for the SCR for two of my transactions, but not for the others. I think it had something to do with the sizes of the products?