Thursday, December 31

Happy New Year!

I love January 1st! probably for two reasons. First, it's my Birthday and Second, there's something invigorating about beginning "over". Making goals for a new year, challenging myself to try new things, and pushing myself to live a simpler and better life. 2009 was a challenging year in some respects, but I've learned and grown a lot and am excited to improve myself and my finances in 2010.

Several months ago I began coupon shopping and quickly got "hooked". In just a few months I was able to purchase several thousand dollars worth of Christmas presents, household staples and grocery items for only a couple hundred dollars. At the request of some friends and family, I've decided to begin a little blog to keep track of my progress and help others on their savings journey. There is a lot to learn and a lot to save, so buckle up and hold on...I bring to you City Saver! My exploits in saving money in the most expensive city on earth (ok maybe that's Toyoko, but NYC is at the top of the US's list). Welcome!

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